Cry for funny reason because you just need a reason to cry…

Cried for the first time in the office over a silly reason. 
Met Le Supervisor for discussion with my panda + goldfish eyes.
He noticed that right away: “Angelyn, what happened to you?!”
“Nothing… I am fine.”
“No, you don’t look fine. Did you just cry?”
“Hmmmm…. yes….”, nothing escaped his eyes. 
He was worried: “What happened? Are you too stress?”
I comfort him: “No, no. Nothing serious.”
But he wasn’t soothed: “Was it because of your experiment? Because of R? Or the manuscript? Do you miss Malaysia?”
“No, don’t worry. It’s nothing related to my research nor my home country. “
He never give up: “Tell me, I NEED to know!”
“Erm… it was nothing… Just the fish…”
“Fish??? What fish???”, surprised LS looks funny. 
“An aquarium in Singapore is closing down, and… I was… just miss the fish…  “
“What?!”, he almost jumped off the chair .
Me: “I told you it was nothing. It was all because of the rain.” *blame something because it was unexplainable *
He was even confused: “What rain?”
“It was raining just now, and it made me moody. So I cried over the fish. “
Le Supervisor laughed: “Haha, Angelyn! You are weird! “
Yes, I was born weird. I am weird and I know it. Now Le Supervisor knows it, and everybody knows it. 
Weirdest crying record ever in my life, I amused myself. 

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