How to Catch a Cat Lady

Le Supervisor is always keen to invite me to his house since I first came to Japan.
“Angelyn, please visit my house sometimes.”
“Angelyn, when you have free time, come to my house.”
“Angelyn, this weekend do you want to come to my house for home stay?”
Due to many reasons, I always tell him: “Ok, maybe next time.” Haha!
Yesterday, he mentioned that again: “Angelyn, when will you visit my house?”
“Hmmm… I don’t know…”
“Last time you were in a different city, now you are here. Please come and meet my cat.”
Oh, cat! σΎ†Έ *teruih masuk trap! *
So I said: “Ok, when?”
“How about tomorrow after my lecture? We leave early and go to my house. I will prepare food.”
“But… tomorrow I intend to have party with my friends after the class…”
LS: “Tell them you are not free, you are going for party in my house! “
So I reviewed my PhD focus: Always give priority to research related matters, for example… Le Supervisor!
So I said: “Ok… “
Now the next question is: What should I say to his cat? Meow??? Or Nyaa??? I hope it speaks English. ^_^

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