When progress reporting went too far…

I was waiting in Le Supervisor room before going home around 5 pm just now.
He came in after 5 min: “Hi! You have something to discuss with me?”
“Yes, I am about to go home. I want to report to you on my progress today.”
“Ok, have a seat.”
He dragged his chair over the table he reserved for me: “What do you want to tell me today?”
“I read about this paper by the researchers from MIT. They discussed about the methods they used to come out with the signaling model blar3… I understand everything in that paper except this part (pointing the paragraph which I marked with many ?????? ). I don’t understand how they calculate the fold thing… “
He tried to interpret but failed too.
“Ah… let me check on the book…”
After 15 min, problem remained unsolved. 
I said: “Ok, never mind. Tomorrow I will work hard to figure it out.”
“Good! If you still can’t solve it. We discuss again. “
“Ok!”, I was trying to process the equation, when Le Supervisor said: “After you come out with the final model, we can publish it in a not very high impact factor journal. Let’s check on which journal to submit.”
After some scope checking, we found a suitable one. He said: “Let’s aim for this one. The impact factor is ok.”
Me: “Oh, this journal! IF is 7.9! I just read one of its papers last week! Not bad!”
“Yes, I am a member, we can get free open access by paying $800 of publishing fee. Not expensive.”
“Ok. I think we can write it in a way like review paper and discuss about the contradictive theories reported by different groups these years. If we make the discussion in depth and intensively, I think they will accept our paper.”
LS: “Yeah, let’s check on the editorial board! Blar3…”
In the next 2 hours, all we discussed were strategies to write the paper, who are the potential reviewers, what literatures to review and cite…
“Angelyn, I predict you will come out with the final model by end of July. What do you think?”
“July? Base on my current progress, I plan to get it done by end of June. “
He was shocked: “End of June? You mean in 2 to 3 weeks time???”
In my heart: He seems to be too surprised, maybe I work too hard. 󾌩 I must travel more, and work less 󾌴, so I changed my testimony: “Ah… maybe I will face some bugs… Maybe end of July… “
He was relieved: “Yea… You write well, I expect you to come out with the manuscript in 50-60 days. And we submit it by September.”
“Ok. I will try my best! “
He continued to share me his view on the research until I was so saturated and started to answer him in a funny and illogical way. 
My back-home-earlier plan spoiled and I am full with publication thoughts that I can skip my dinner tonight. Ops… I can predict that someone is gonna scold me later… 

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