A Day Naughty-ing Around

Finally I start my new round of experiment again today. Le Supervisor is excited, he offers himself to work out the experiment together for this time.
We were both in the plant clean room.
I was marking the seeds, pots and preparing the materials. He was busy checking the conditions of the incubator for me, while humming his happy song. 󾌵
Suddenly, he shouted: “Yay, Angelyn! You are back to the lab!!!”
Haha, he was excited. I said: “Yeah, I am back and I am happy! 󾌰 “
He raised his hands: “I am happy too! ☺ “
He was in very good mood throughout our experiment period.
After done with Part 1 of the experiment, he said: “Let’s meet up at 12.30pm and continue Part 2.”
I can handle that by myself, anyway, I said: “Ok!” 󾌪
12.30pm, I went to his office. He was sitting around with other lab members: “Oh, is it time yet?”
I smiled: “Yes. But if you are busy, take your time.”
He said: “Oh, please give me 5 seconds…”, while standing up.
The naughty me, looking at my watch and started counting very quickly: “Ok, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Time up!!! 󾌳 “
He jumped and dashed to his desk, while other laughed frantically. Hehehehe… 󾌴
Our secretary said: “Angelyn, hahahahaha!!! You are very good at counting time!!! You made M sensei running out of time! 󾌪 ” LOL!!!
The common room is filled with laughter.
Today I am happy, for making many people happy, in my uniquely naughty way. 󾌩

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