Kanpai Night!!!

Went for drinking with lab members on Friday night.

In our group, Friday is a day meant to be relaxed and take things easily (because weekends are coming!!!! Wohoooooo!!!!). Everyone were happy and excited after got into the izakaya (drinking establishment). Β They kept yelling kanpai and chug down the beers, jar after jar. O.o

Initially, I intended to sit in a corner and eat quietly, but the Big Boss called me: “Hey, Angelyn! Come! You sit here!”, tapping the seat next to him.

So I sat there.

Big boss is usually strict and taciturn in the office, so I tried to behave like a cat (Japanese proverb) because I was kinda stress. Hehe.

Anyway, after some rounds of alcohols, he started to become talkative and funny. He kept talking to me, like a friend. We talked about almost anything, from research, meeting, my home country, movies, music, books, travel, languages… he even asked me to read his palm! LOL!!!

We ordered so many dishes just now, and people drank a lot too. Eventually, we have some food leftovers. In order to practice zero food waste, we tried to divide and allocate the food so that we can finish them all.

There were still 2 shrimps left and everyone were so full! Big Boss looked at the secretary: “F san, you are too slim! Please finish them all! This is an order! Hahahaha!!!”

Well, it is against the law for the boss to force the workers to do things they are unwilling to do in Japan. It is called Power Harassment or Academic Harassment (AcaHara) in academia.

F san was joking: “This is AcaHara, I have to report to the authorities!”

The over-happy Big Boss: “Yes, you should report! This is not AcaHara, this is *EbiHara. Hahahahaha!!!”, everyone laughed profusely! Hehe.

It was a great drinking session, I was impressed by how big the capacity of the stomach of my research members. There were more than 30 rounds of kanpai, and they took one whole jar each time. How??? O.o

As the photographer in the group, I suggested that we shall take a group photo together before dismissing. I lined them up, and set the camera.


“Yay, let’s go back! Bye bye….”

We walked home together as a team. It was great time spent together. ^_^

After got home, I checked on the photo. Hmm… maybe I can post the photo on Facebook! Ok, everyone looked so drunk except the juice drinker (me! πŸ˜€ ). I must not post the photo, I must not post the photo, I must not post the photo… :p


*ebi – shrimp in Japanese



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