What is Le Supervisor? O.o

I told Le Supervisor that I am writing a blog about us last week. He was happy to know that. He always wanted to read my blogs, but I never let him. Haha!

“I have been writing about that on Facebook previously.”

“Oh, who read them?”

“Basically just my friends, I am a low profile person, I don’t make the post public.”

“I see. But you have so many supervisors before, maybe they don’t know it is me that you are writing about!”, he was way too worried. :p

I comforted him: “No no, I use different names for different supervisors. For you, it is Le Supervisor. They know. ^_^ ”

“Le Supervisor? What does it mean?”

“Ah, Le is French, for the. So you are The Supervisor.”

He shown greater interest: “Oh! You know French?”

“Not really, but I have a pen pal who is very good in French. So I think it is not bad to learn some.”

Our conversation ended after I answered all his questions about my blogs. 😀

Today, I received his assignment, in French. O.o


Ok, when your supervisor is sending you comments in French, you know he is taking your French learning too seriously.

Let’s pretend I don’t understand… LOL!!!


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