I am rottenly pampered! LOL

This morning, I did lab cleaning together with Le Supervisor. We were both sweeping the floor when he initiated the conversation: “Angelyn, how was your weekend?”

“Hmmm… not bad. I went to somewhere and did something with my friend. ” ← very insincere way of answering. :-p

He said: “I went to the sea!”

The sea-maniac-me: “Oh!!! Which one???”

“The closer one. It was low tide, but it was great.”

Me: “Ah… why you didn’t tell me? I want to go too…. 😦 ”

“I know, but I checked the UV index, the sun was too strong that day. I think it is better you don’t go. I know you, that’s why I didn’t ask you.”

Ok…. sweeping the floor moodily…. 😀

Later then, we need to mop the floor.

He got me a mop which he already wet and cleaned: “Here, Angelyn, hold this. You don’t work too hard, just mop slow and easily.”

Hehe, it sounded so funny, so I said: “Ok, I will just hold the mop and stand around, pretending I am mopping. ”

He looked at me, smiled: “Yeah, that was what I meant. I will do the hard work, you just stand around will do. So that when people see you, they will not complaint. 😉 ”

LOL!!! Le Supervisor is kind, Le Supervisor is so good. He cares about me, and how people think about me. I feel like I am pampered, rottenly. I must work harder on my research, and make him proud. ^_^


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