Weird medical advices…

Got ulcer in my mouth for undetectable reasons (opsss…). Went to see a doctor and got treatments.

Everything went just like what you can expect to get from a professional medical officer, until the nurse came by with the prescribed medicines.

She explained the functions and ways of application for each medicine: “This is acidic, if you take this, you have to take this to protect your stomach….”

I paid full attention and kept nodding until she said (in Japanese): “Do you know buta niku (pork)?”

“Yes?!” O.o

“Pork is high in Vitamin A, it is good for ulcer…”

Me: “Huh???”

“If you want to recover faster, eat more pork!!!”

Me: “Har???” *Jaw dropped on the floor…*

She smiled and tapped my shoulder: “Jaa, eat more pork today, tomorrow and in the coming days ne~ Gambatte!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ”

LOL!!! This is one of the medical advices that you could hardly get in Malaysia. And gambatte to eat pork ne? That sounds just so weird. Poor pigs, I pity you… ย -.-“


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