Please focus on hating me…

One of my seniors is posting weird things on Facebook recently. Wanted to make sure he will not do stupid things, I initiated a chat with him years after we last chatted.

After some chit-chatting, he switched the focus to me: “After this you become lecturer in uni?”

“Haha, mula-mula I asked you questions to check if you are fine. Tiba-tiba you pula ask me so many questions, apa ni…”

“I’m very kepo!”, surprised! Haha.

“I will not tell you, I’ll let you 被 your own kepo 憋死 😜 .”

He was mad: “I hate you! 😈

“Please focus to hate more and forget about your problem 😁

Haha, he almost keksi! 😝

Moments later, he asked: “Curious, can you write in Japanese?”

Naughty me: ” Wa mai ka lu kong. Ne ne ne ne ne…”

Blood-vomitting him: “Cha boh……
Kek ka boh uah kong…. .” 😂

Haha, I enjoy keksi people very much! 😄

His topic changed again: “There are many ducks in my customer site. Imported from overseas. The ducks are very beautiful. They like swimming very much! They swim and keep on singing Kuak kuak kuak kuak…”

The funny me: “They are not singing, they are complaining. You can understand Hokkien, you should know what they complain. 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

“How you know they are complaining?”

“You listen carefully next time…”

He was confused: “Ha???”

“They are complaining the water too cold. They keep saying *kua kua kua kua. Apa la lu, itu pun tak paham kah? 😜

He 被炸到: “You’re very funny!!! 😂

Hehe, I think he have had enough positive booster now. Please continue to hate and kepo and take your problem easy ya. 😉

*kua – Hokkien word for “cold”


Originally posted on 18th June 2016


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