A happy day with Le Supervisor

<A day sticking together with Le Supervisor>

[WARNING: Super long post, please refrain from reading if you are in a rush to the restroom. You will definitely wet yourself if you hold it until you finish reading this 😁 ]

Today I have 3 important meetings to attend together with Le Supervisor:
1. Meeting with my house owner;
2. Meeting with my insurance agent;
3. Meeting with Le Supervisor on research projects.

1. Meeting with my house owner

We were walking to the house owner’s resident. Le Supervisor: β€œI will show you a shortcut to go there. Along the way, I will bring you to a cute and lovely shop. ”

β€œOk.”, visited the lovely shop. It was really lovely. I was happy. 😊

The owner was an old lady, we introduced each other, and she started flipping the agreement forms I signed. She said: β€œYou have a very nice handwriting. I was impressed when I received these forms. Look at these Kanjis, sugoi ne~”

Le Supervisor noded.

I said: β€œThank you.” ☺

The old lady was very sincere when talking to me, I just smiled and noded sometimes.

Before we left, she said: β€œYou really look like a Japanese. I can’t tell the different between your appearance from the real Japanese, even after such a long chat.”

Le Supervisor noded 2.0.

I said: β€œThank you.” πŸ˜ƒ

After some chit chatting, we thanked her and said goodbye in a very Japanese style.

Le Supervisor: β€œWow, we did it in a very Japanese way!”

Me: β€œYeah, because I look so much like a Japanese to her. I don’t want to confuse her. ” He laughed. 😜

We were walking back to the institute, and I told Le Supervisor: β€œK sensei suggested that next week, when my friends come from the main campus for your lecture, we shall spend some time walking around the tourist areas before your class. For example, visit the museum.”

β€œYes, you should! Do you want to visit there?”

β€œYeah, if I have time, I would love to. I have been visiting this city since 3 years ago, but I haven’t had chance to enjoy strolling around the famous visitor spots.”

He smiled: β€œReally? Ok, let’s take this route to go back.”

He guided me through the ancient streets with many lovely shops, detoured the way back, showing me around the place.

He was like a tour guide: β€œThis is the museum, over there, there is a Japanese house. You can attend some classes over there… Behind this street, there is a famous restaurant. We can come sometimes… blar blar blar blar…”

β€œIn August, I will welcome some international guests and I will bring them to the museum. You can come if you want. I can put you under the visitor list. ”

β€œReally? Ok, I come! 😁 ”

He smiled looking at my excited face.

Later on, I saw a tree house by the roadside: β€œAh, Tarzan and Jane might stay in there! πŸ’ ”

He smiled to that little girl in me. Haha! I think I must try to practice poker face more often. I looked so stupid. πŸ˜‚

2. Meeting with my Insurance Agent

It was a new insurance representative, so we spent some time getting to know each other.

He needs my signature on a personal data transfer agreement form.

While I was filling up the form (with my formal way of handwriting), the magic happened again. πŸ˜€

He said: β€œOMG, your handwriting is very nice! The characters are beautiful and very neat!”

Le Supervisor noded 3.0.

I said: β€œThank you. 😊 ”

I was smiling while listening to his explanation on the premium blar blar blar.

After that, he suddenly spoke to Le Supervisor: β€œShe is a cute girl. ” Why suddenly? LOL!!!

Le Supervisor noded 4.0.

So I said: β€œThank you. πŸ˜‚ ”

Before he left, he told Le Supervisor: β€œShe has beautiful eyes with sparkles. ” Nani??? 😱

Le Supervisor noded 5.0.

So I said: β€œThank you. πŸ˜… ”

After the meeting, I asked Le Supervisor: β€œWhy this guy wanted to see me today?”

β€œThe insurance company changed the agent, so he was here to introduce himself, and to see you… ”

The funny me: β€œOh, to see my beautiful eyes?” Haha!

He noded 😊 : β€œYes, you have beautiful eyes.”

Ok, thank you. 😜

3. Meeting with Le Supervisor

Le Supervisor: β€œAngelyn, please tell me about your progress now.”

β€œI am currently working on this Project 1 blarx3… Next week, I plan to start lab work on Project 2… When I started to get data from Project 2, I will complete the data analysis of Project 3, and come out with the final version of manuscript, we could submit it by end of Sept, hopefully.”

Le Supervisor: β€œGreat! Now let’s discuss on data loading…”

β€œOk, I read on some papers, and they reported several ways blarx3… I think we could apply method 2 with our samples because (justification)…”

Le Supervisor: β€œGood! Have you found any relevant reference for your modeling?”

β€œYes, I found several. (showing the findings), This one is on neural network, this one is on T-cell signaling blar3… Now I am in the stage of deciding which model to apply…”

β€œWell, let’s start with the simplest one. This one looks ok.”

β€œOk, I will try. If I face some obstacles again, I will write to the authors to ask for their opinions.”

Le Supervisor: β€œGreat! Could you send me all papers that you found. I can predict that you are going to come out with something similar, but in our novel field. Please try to learn as much as possible.”

Me: β€œSure! I will try my best ✊ . I will start preparing the paper by the end of this month, if things go fluently. ”

He smiled: β€œAngelyn, don’t work too hard. Just do slow and easy. You are running and I am walking, I can’t catch up with you. πŸ˜€ ” Haha, Le Supervisor was trying to be humble.

β€œOk, I will enjoy travel sometimes while working on the research and manuscripts. 😁 ”

After an hour+ of discussion…

Le Supervisor: β€œOk, that’s all for discussion today. (leaving my office) Be happy… 😊 ”

I noded and thanked him, before he said: β€œ…together…” Hehe.

Today, I learnt that:

1. I look like Japanese to Japanese, again 😁
2. I look cute 😜
3. My eyes are beautiful with sparkles 😍
4. My formal handwriting is really beautiful to Japanese 😊
5. I must travel more and not working too hard πŸ˜›
6. Le Supervisor noded too much πŸ˜‚
7. I said thank you (and bow) for too many times (I am getting backpain 😭 )

Last but not least, I could work as a Kanji artist if I am jobless, and I am sure I can be rich with it. πŸ˜‰


β€”β€”Β Β feeling fabulous.


Originally posted on 2nd June 2016


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