I love her, but maybe I would hate her…

I have a meeting with le boss yesterday. We both agreed to meet after lunch time for research results discussion.
I was in my office waiting for her since 12.30 pm. I called her and she told me she is having a prolonged meeting and will be back in 1 hour.
Since then, she was sending me SMS to apologize for being late every 30 minutes. I told her she can take her time, because I will work on my manuscripts while waiting for her in my office.
Yet, she still would like to say sorry for keeping me waiting. Ok, I accept the apology. 
2 hours later, after 3 SMSes, she called to inform me that she has just rushed back to her office and she is so terribly sorry for letting me wait. I shall go to her office now and she would like to apologize formally to me, face-to-face again. 
Just now, received her email regarding the future work plan, it starts will sorry again… 
She is so cute, and I like her so much!
It is so glad to have a supervisor who appreciates others’ time to that extend. I hate people who are not punctual, because I find that letting other to wait pointlessly is a waste of others time. My concept is: Everyone has a one-way life which is non rewindable, if you wasted someone’s life, you are indirectly killing him/her. Which is not good and you have no way to compensate. 
Love to work with her. Luckily I brought my lappy along, or else I might end up hating her. Opsss… 
Originally posted on 26th June 2015

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