Lazy Friday turns Lucky!

Lazy Friday morning, I received an information from my lady boss: “Dear Lia, just to let you know that I’ve extended your contract to the maximum option available. Sorry I didn’t discuss with you first. Please let me know if you have a different will.”

I replied: “Thank you very much! I didn’t expect that. By the way, I am currently way too busy with my PhD projects, I might unable to contribute more to our project in the future.”

Her reply was encouraging: “It’s fine, work at your own pace. Work only when you are free (Ok, I never free 😂 ), I want to keep you in the team as long as possible. I like your historical perspective on linking social study to science. Prof M is super excited with your idea, he keeps mentioning your name in the meetings. It opens up my mind. I wish to continue with what you have started.”

Well, on top of the original proposal, I did kepo kepo to work on something out of her research scope earlier (out of my own interest 😜 ). Now that she is into it. Great!!! I hope she can get some research assistants to carry on with that before I am able to clone myself. 😀

Last but not least, thank you boss! 😙 It feels great to be appreciated! 😊


——feeling lovely.


Originally posted on 10th June 2016


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