My level of tamciakness: GOD!!!


A friend of mine is welcoming guests to the city I used to stay in back in Malaysia.

He contacted me: “OMG, they are coming tomorrow and I have no plan at all… You are not around, I don’t know what should I do leh…”

“Ok, what time they come out from the airport?”

“3.30 pm.”

“Ah, still early. If they are not tired, you can bring them to ICM first. Spend a few hours looking around there. After that go to SC to have dinner, many choices there, they sure can get what they like.”

He said: “Ya hor, SC! I seldom eat out, I really totally forget about SC!”

I laughed: “Because you are not tamciak*. My level of tamciakness is GOD, so I know exactly where to cari makan πŸ˜‚

😝 Thank you! You are so good in all aspects!!!”

LOL!!! I don’t know how he can come out with that conclusion. What I know is that I am just very tamciak and always “che beh tiam” nia. 😜

*tamciak: Hokkien adjective to describe a person who really loves food (Me, me, me, me!!!! 😁)

β€”β€”Β feeling amused.


Originally posted on 16th June 2016


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