My sensei is powerful!!!

I have to take up a mandatory course for the coming months in the main campus. I am so tired to commute between cities just for the class. So I told Le Supervisor when I received the related email.

Me: β€œAh… I have to go to the main campus for the class every week. I am so lazy… πŸ˜©β€

LS: β€œWhat class?”

Me: β€œThe mandatory courses, there are two of them. If I have a choice, I would like to have the class in our institute…”

β€œOh, that course! I will give a lecture for it too. Do you want to have it here?”

Me (excited): β€œReally? Can I? Can I? Can I? πŸ˜„ ”

β€œOf course! I will inform the coordinator that I will have the lecture here.”

I thought he just say that to comfort me.

Until yesterday, in the first class of the course. The professor who is the course coordinator announced that everyone has to come to my institute for the class next week. 😊

He said: β€œThis is one of the first class institute in Japan, and also in the world. Is it a good opportunity for you to visit it. So next week, please go there for the lecture.”

Haha, in my heart. I was yelling like a monkey due to excitement. ✌✌✌Thank you Le Supervisor! You are the best!!! ☺

Today, I met Le Supervisor and expressed my gratitude for his arrangement to answer my selfish wish. πŸ˜‚ I am the only student who needs to take up this course here, but the whole class from the main campus is coming over. Minasan, please enjoy your time in the first class institute in Japan. 😝

I told him: β€œMy friend said β€˜your sensei is very powerful. He can get everyone to go to your city to attend the class.’”

He was happy to know that.

I continued: β€œAnd I said, of course my sensei is powerful! He is my sensei, and he is the best!”

Le Supervisor was smiling: β€œNo no no, you shouldn’t say that. Please be humble.”

β€œBut it is true. I must tell the truth! 😊 ”

Hehe, I can see he was very happy with the compliment. He was smiling from ear to ear.

Phew, thanks goodness… from that, I know, today I will not have extra assignment of lab works. 😝

β€”β€”Β feeling awesome.

Originally posted on 2nd June 2016


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