Ok, keep commenting I don’t care…

I encountered a family who always pay too much attention on my appearance since years ago.

Every time we meet, they will say words like:

“Oh, you are too slim, eat more!”
“Oh, your hair is too short, you should keep it longer… ” (Ok, I shaved all my hair and shown them photo 😜 )
“Oh, this shirt is ugly, don’t wear it!”
“Oh, why you wear these rings, not match you!” (because I song leh, choy meh? 😁 )
“Oh, you are too fat, you must diet!”
“Oh, your hand is so fat, you should diet!”
“Oh, your toes look fat, you should eat less.” (Dah…. I like my toes to look fat! Lu diam!!! 😄)
“Oh, your hair is too long, you should cut!”
“Oh, why you wear this shirt? It makes you look ugly…” (because I syok! 😜 )
“Oh, your skin is too dark now, you must not go to the beach anymore….” (Ok, enough! I will go more, I’ll make sure I go to the beach at least twice a week and be as dark as coal! 😁 )

Appearance changes and fades over time (check: impermanence), I hope they understand that, and focus more on the values in me, and maybe on my research. But opsss, they would not understand. Zannen ne…

This morning, similar thing happened again. The “messenger” sent me msg: “M says now you are fair and slim, lenglui*~”

I replied him: “How she knows?”

“From your photos.”

“Which one oh? 😮

“The one you are eating.”

The indifferent me: “Oh, that one looks fat. Anyway, I always too fat for them.”

“No la, now they say you are kuruih liao, looks pretty…”

The not interested me: “But I know I am lenglui always, fat or slim. So I don’t care what they think. Saham masih naik! Hahahaha… 😝

The rule to happiness is simple: be confident, be mentally (physically too) strong, and don’t give a f to what people say (if it is not constructive). Always remember that you are not a TV, nobody has your remote control. Be yourself, be happy and bliss! 😉

*lenglui: Cantonese word for “pretty girl” 😊

—— feeling I am lenglui and I knew it.


Originally posted on 17th June 2016


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