Suffering Thursday blue…

Went to say hi to Le Supervisor when I came to the office. I am wearing all blue from my head to my toe today. 😁

He looked at me: β€œWow, you are so blue today!”

β€œYes, I am having Thursday blue. 😨 ” Haha!

He laughed and wondered why I was there in his office.

β€œI just come to say hi, and I will get back to my reports and R. I plan to work on gojtusgjlggh today and gnbnjn;j;ojf tomorrow, next week I will start ddfseqrtt…” <- my ritual to report my research plans πŸ˜‰.

He turned to me: β€œAngelyn, come, have a seat. How was the class yesterday?”

Oh, pep talk session! 😊

I sat in front of him, told him what I learned and my review on the class, he noded while listening.

β€œH sensei said Nipponbare (the rice we are working on) was the most famous one in Japan 40 years ago, but now Koshihikari is the most preferred ones because it tastes better.”

He replied: β€œYes, now people think Koshihikari is the best. But it is not.”

Unable to comment, I said: β€œI never tried Nipponbare before, so I could not compare the eating quality of them.”

β€œMe either.”

The excited me: β€œOh, we have the seeds! Let’s plant some, harvest and eat! πŸ˜„ ”

β€œOk, let’s plan on that! I have a plot. We can continue growing the rice on the field after we have done with parts we need for the experiment. ”

Haha, now, I am a real farmer. I am going to plant my own rice. ✌✌✌

β€œHere a list of the best rice cultivars in Japan.”

He checked on that: β€œAh, this is the rice you ate in my house! πŸ‘‰ ”

β€œOh, really? No wonder it tasted so good! Thank you! πŸ˜‡ ”

β€œIf you like it, please come and eat more.”

I just smiled. 😊

Checking on the handouts, he saw my cakar ayam (almost like an abstract art piece πŸ˜… ) at the back of the printouts: β€œWhat are these? πŸ˜“ ”

β€œOh, those are my random jot downs of ideas I got from the class.”

β€œAh, can I look at it?”, so I handed him the notes of my scratchy and almost flying words. πŸ˜‚

β€œWow, your handwriting was like a doctor yesterday!” Ok, I’ll take that as a compliment. 😜

β€œHaha, yeah! I wrote very quickly, I need to catch my random ideas before they gone. Sometimes, I cannot read my own writing after I wrote it. πŸ˜† ”

He tersengeh-sengeh while reading my funny idea notes.

Later he said: β€œTell me your idea on IPM.”

β€œIPM… I think it is an amazing concept. It enhanced the importance of sustainable agriculture, to get sufficient yields while decreasing the damage to the environment. The way the approach used to keep the balance in between economic income and environmental quality is interesting, I can see that it is the future for green planting… blarx3…”

He continued: β€œYes, I like how they allow minimum amount of damage before applying the chemicals… blarx3….”

I recalled: β€œI came across this technology applied in Yaqui Valley, they are trying to do nitrogen management. Research found that only 50% of the nitrogen in the fertilizer gets into the plants, but the rest got into the atmosphere and to the water and soil. It is an issue too, phytoplankton bloom and harm the adjacent ecosystems blarx3….”

β€œReally? Interesting! How they did that?”


The following 40 min was like a discussion session between two environmental chemists/environmentalists. 😁

Looking on the watch, he announced: β€œWohoo, lunch time! Angelyn, please enjoy your lunch, and don’t work too hard!”

Ok, let’s take that as the conclusion of our discussion and work while Facebooking. 😜

β€”β€”Β Β feeling energised.


Originally posted on 16th June 2016



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