Best party offer ever! ^_^

We had an unit progress meeting this morning. After the meeting, everyone sat down together for some casual discussion on research and also other issues that needed to be raised.

It started with the Big Boss asking around everyone about our future research plans and the milestones we’ve achieved. The casual yet serious discussion went for about an hour before Le Supervisor passed the topic to me: “Angelyn, we will have an institute level of party after the institute open day, would you come? πŸ™‚ ”

“Oh, when?” ← always my major concern. :p

“In August, but you have to confirm your attendance soon.”, while another Japanese-speaking-only lab member (M san) was trying to inform me that on the same day, he will organize a BBQ party. Le Supervisor interrupted and ignored him, I just smiled. ^.^”

“Can I decide later? I have to check my experimental schedule…”, in my heart: Formal party will be with the big bosses, and drinking… I don’t like to drink… BBQ… it is summer, I will die smoked, I also don’t like… Haha!

Le Supervisor: “I am the committee, so I am compulsory to attend that. You may come to join us! It will be held in the B Garden, it will be fun!”

Me: “Erm… is itΒ aΒ drinking party?” ← trying to reject slow and sub-consciously… πŸ˜€

The Big Boss: “Not only drinking, eating too. There are endless kinds of food, you can enjoy. πŸ˜‰ “, he wanted me to go!

“Hmmm…”, now everyone looked at me. -.-

Le Supervisor: “The ambient there isΒ very good, the restaurant is open-air, and surrounded by bricks covered with ivy. Very romantic. Please come and enjoy~ πŸ™‚ “, very keen kind of persuasion.

M san read my mind, he said: “Ah, if you don’t like B Garden, you can join me for BBQ! πŸ™‚ ”

I just node and smile. I don’t make quick decision when it comes to food. πŸ˜€

Le Supervisor: “Oh, for the institute party, you need to pay 2000 yen to attend, but I can pay for you. You just come! You will not regret. I will walk you back home if you are worried about going back late alone…”

“I will think about it later.”, I am not in a rush. Haha!

After some 15 minutes of persuasion, he kinda gave up: “Ok, if you want to join the BBQ party with M san, maybe I can skip the drinking party half way, sneak out and come to join you! ”Β LOL!!! Why???

Today, I learnt that Le Supervisor likes to have meals together with me (or just be with me? ), maybe he enjoys looking at my tamciak* face, maybe I made his food tastes better, maybe he has plans to have over-meal discussion with me, or maybe he just want to monitor me from research all the way to food intake to sustainΒ my wellbeing. πŸ˜€

*tamciak: Hokkien term for “food-craving”


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