Conjuring 2, you are good! :p

I was working in the lab when Le Supervisor came in quietly from the back door.

He walked like a flamingo to my bench waving his hand: “Heeeellllloooooo~~~😁

I smiled: “Hi! 😊

“How’s everything?”

“Everything is fine, because I haven’t started anything. 😜

“Oh, you are so blue today! Tuesday Blue again?? 😮

Me: “Hehe, not so much. Today I have many experiments to conduct. Wearing blue calms me down and makes me feel like a happy fish. 🐋

“Ah… *recalling my experiment plans…* Shall we work together for your second experiment later? Just call me when you are ready. 😉

Working together on Experiment 2…

It was just simple UV-Vis Spectro measurement, anyway, he found something he could help with. 😁

I was telling him about Conjuring 2, on how it was so scary it killed. Some cinemas even provide religious consultation after the movie…

“Wow, how it killed? People got so shocked and got heart attack?”

“Somehow, it is not suitable for people with weak heart…”

He took out the slot chamber, and dropped the screws! I thought it’s the glass cuvette and I was shocked! 😱 I jumped! 😅

He laughed naughtily: “Aha! I just scared you! You got shocked! Hehe… 😁

“OMG, I thought you murdered the cuvette! I have weak heart, please don’t do that again 😅

The UV-Vis is not very user-friendly, it couldn’t answer my research need completely. Le Supervisor was complaining after he figured that out yesterday: stupid… suck… crazy… slow… I just keep comforting him and carry on with my data collection. Because that is the only solution now. 😑

An hour later, I declared the completion of the experiment and started cleaning up the “stupid” instrument. 😂

He was thinking while tapping the spectrometer: “Angelyn, Beckman Coulter (the brand) is stupid! Let’s get a Mitsubishi! I will order it!”

Haha! I like that decision, please buy! 😝

Endnote: I think Conjuring 2 is good, you see, after I mentioned it, I got new instrument! 😄


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