Darling, I have got bald head today! Again!!!

Need to get a specific connector for the experiment. It is readily available in the electronic store.

Le Supervisor is eager to buy it together with me: “Angelyn, you have a bike, I don’t. Let’s walk there.”

It is 3.3 km away. I used to walk there during my last visit. So we walk.

We discussed about many things along the way: experiments, new reported findings, the road, the flowers, the birds, the environmental issues, global warming, our scientist dreams… Haha, it was not a short walk you see. 😀

When we were approaching that store, it started raining. We did not have umbrella, so we just pretend it wasn’t and walk normally. Haha.

While I was secretly bisik with Ti Kong to postpone the rain, Le Supervisor suddenly shouted: “Darling, I have got bald head today! This is acid rain, arghhhh… Hahahaha!!!”

The rain stopped after a few seconds. Good thing was, it lets me know that my presentation last few week was impressive. At least my supervisor still remember the mini aim I mentioned. 😛

The shopping trip took us ~2 hours. Bad thing was, the connector couldn’t answer my experimental need, and it costs Le Supervisor 4000 yen (~RM150) from his pocket. He is kinda upset after the bald head laugh. LOL!!!

Originally posted on 18th February 2016


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Yea, I NEED you~ 😉

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Now they know why we always laughing when we are together 🙂


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