Now they know why we always laughing when we are together :)

In the presentation this morning, I pre-set a mini aim for my audiences to achieve after my talk. I hope they could at least understand what
Darwin, Baldwin and Hebb discovered and contributed to the development of Evolutionary studies.

I said: “I have set a mini aim for this presentation. It is — ‘Darling, I’ve got Bald Head today!’ I hope we all get to learn a little bit more on what these 3 scientists found.”

Well, it was the way how I like to put things interesting to enhance interactive presentation.

– 5 pm, approximately 6 hours after my talk, in the office –

Le Supervisor suddenly laughed on his own on his desk, I was a little concerned.

He turned to me: “Angelyn, did you always present in such a funny way?”

“Huh?”, I was not following him.

“You said Darling, I have got bald head today? Did you created it on your own?”

Paused from my preparation for my experiment, I answered: “No, I don’t always do that. But I just thought of doing that to let the audiences at least remember something from my presentation.”

“Darling, I’ve got Bald Head today! Haha, it is so funny. I laughed in the presentation hall many times thinking about that.”

“Oh yeah, haha!” It was a fake laugh. LOL!!!

“You know people always see us laughing together in the office, or while we are walking along…”

“Oh, who?” O.o

“People in this institute! They always see us laughing together. After your presentation, I think they *LEARN why I was always laughing when I was with you! You are just born funny in a serious way. Darling, I’ve got bald head listening to your presentation today. Hahahahahaha!”

Today, I LEARNED why my supervisor is always happy when he is with me. He is just having low resistance towards my level of funniness. πŸ˜€

* LEARN is the keyword of my presentation today: How can Evolution Learn? πŸ˜‰

β€”β€”feeling funny


Originally posted on 5th February 2016


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