Yea, I NEED you~ ;)


Presentation done, I rated myself as 95% provided with the short preparation time and massive new information load. 😀

Looking at the title of discussion I selected, Le Supervisor says: “I was surprised that you pick something out of our field! It means that you don’t need me anymore, and I can’t help you on that.” *upset*

To save him from merajuk, I replied: “No, I actually NEED you!!!” *sincere eyes, blink blink* 😛

“Ok, maybe I can protect you if someone conservative attack you.” *feeling secured! Hehehehe*

40 minutes of presentation and 40 min of Q&A. Everyone was impressed and partially confused. 😛 The audiences even have further discussion on the topic until now (2.5 hours after the preparation!) I am amazed by how well I did. LOL!!!

After the presentation, the big boss waited me in the office. “Angelyn, it was a very interesting presentation. Well done!” *thumbs up* , he said. ^_^

Yeah, today I survived a challenge I thrown to myself! And my bosses are happy with my performance. Thus, I declare a half day off and a sumptuous lunch!!! Wohooo~ Tata… 😛

Originally posted on 5th February 2016


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Darling, I have got bald head today! Again!!!

Now they know why we always laughing when we are together 🙂


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