I see, I come, I stand, I ghost :p

I didn’t inform Le Supervisor about my schedule today because I have too many analyses to work out, I couldn’t estimate the time when I can start working on the experiment. I just told him I would work on that today.

When I got to the office, I went to knock on his door intended to have some pre-experimental discussion but he was not in.

I saw him working in the lab. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I just go back to my office to work on my documents.

30 minutes later, I saw his bench was empty, so I went straight to his office to catch him. 😀

Instead of taking the front door (which I usually did), I took the rear door, and walked like a cat, soundlessly and slowly to get to his desk. 😸

He was focusing on manuscript preparation while listening to some audios. He didn’t notice I was there. 🙈

I was trying to hold my laughter (feeling so funny to do naughty thing 🙊) when I move closer, while his secretary watching me doing the whole thing, without informing him. She got naughty influence from me now 😁. I am bad, I know. 😜

Finally, I got to his back. I stood there, watching him typing. Oh… he was writing on the discussion part. Hmmm… not bad….

But hey, my aim was not to stand there and watch, so I tried to sneak part of my body into his field of vision, slowly moving in like a ghost… 👻

He saw that from the edge of his eyes and was shocked!!! He shouted and jumped!!! 😄

“Woah!!!!”, tapping his heart frantically after that.

After he’d calmed down, he said: “Angelyn, I didn’t expect to see you at this hour. You shocked me!!!!” 😱

“Hahahaha, I’m sorry. I didn’t do anything. I just stood there and pretend I am a ghost. You were shocked maybe because you believe in ghost. Hehehehe… 😇

He couldn’t maintain his anger, he laughed: “Hehe, you… 😅 So, what are you doing here? You have something to discuss with me? ”

“Ah, no… I just come to give you heart attack. Then I’ll start my experiment. 😝

He was kinda *bolat with me: “Haha, ok…. Let me know if you need help, phew…. 😅

Well, last week he shocked me by dropping the screw, now I shock him back. I think we’ve got a draw this round.

Warning: Do not shock a cat lady. You know cats, they are always plotting for something, sometimes, it’s on how to give you an unexpected heart attack. 😛

*bolat – Hokkien term for “not knowing what to do/how to handle/the feeling of strengthlessness”


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