My summer smells good today! ;)

I have an appointment to attend together with Le Supervisor today. It’s 3 km away and we usually just walk because he doesn’t have a bicycle.

Today I got to his office when it’s time to depart. He stood up and announced happily: “Angelyn, today I have a bike!”

I smiled: “Oh! 😍”

“It’s hot today, I don’t want you to be cooked again. Let’s just go by bike! πŸ˜€ ”

Oh, it’s so sweet of him! My skin is happy! πŸ™‚

He was joyful and excited all the way, humming his happy tune and pointing here and there: “We took this route before, remember? Ah… that’s M san’s apartment! Look at that paddy field!!! Oh, do you know? K san wants to see you today to take a photo of us! Blar3…”

It felt like an outing activity without a purpose, but just wandering around, appreciating the environment and talk funny things. 😜

He suggested to take a shortcut and we ended up in a blind alley. LOL!!! But it was like a countryside sightseeing tour now, so it was fine. 😜

We arrived earlier than expected, and were laughing and giggling while waiting for our turn. You know I am humorous and he can’t resist my level of funniness. 😁

I went to inform the receptionist about our arrival, Β she took a glimpse at Le Supervisor: “Can your husband speak Japanese?”

It confused me: “My husband?”

“Ah, the man comes with you.”

LOL!!!!!!! Now I know I can make a Japanese looks not like a Japanese to a Japanese while he is with me. πŸ˜‚

Ok, Le Supervisor was very happy already,  I need not tell him these. 😝

Thanks for the sweet thought, sensei. Today, my summer smells like honey and marshmallow. πŸ™‚


Read about when I was cooked πŸ˜€ :

Let’s go shopping and just get anything you want…


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