I’ll let you curious until die… 😂

Before I walk around in the main campus with a male human, I never know that I actually know so many friends there. I was still staying on campus that time.

On that “faithful” day, I had an 2-hour discussion in my hostel meeting room with this male human. After that, we walked together to a shop nearby -> then walked across the paddy field -> walked to the administration office -> walked to the lecture hall together, before he left for his next meeting.

I thought it was just a normal and usual day, until I got back and received multiple kepo messages from my *kepo friends (KPFs). 😂

KPF1: “Hoy, I saw a guy walking out from your hostel with you, who was him???”

KPF2: “Who was that guy?”

“What guy? 😮”

KPF2: “You were with a guy by the field, I saw you two seem like dating…”

“What dating?”

KPF2: “I saw love in his eyes. 😍”

I salute how she interprets a snapshot into gossip-able topic… LOL!!! Hormat,  hormat ke depan…. hormat!!! Spiak!!! 👋😝

KPF3: “Wow, I saw you dating! Who was that guy holding your bag? Your husband? Or your new boyfriend? ” Well, I do not have an old boyfriend, so I couldn’t have a new boyfriend ne… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

KPF4 is even extreme: “I saw a guy proposing to you!!!  He kneeled down, I saw it!!!” Ok, he kneeled down for some reasons, and I like how this friend twists the plot into something imaginatively romantic. 😜

KPF5: “Who was the guy who walked you into the lecture hall? He seems to care for you so much! I saw him waiting for you. So sweet na…” Nothing sweet, he just wanted to make sure I get to the correct hall.

Even until today, they still try all their ways to get the answer every time we meet. 😅

Dear kepo friends, calm down. It’s over, long time ago. Please move on and get a gf or bf 😜  It wasn’t something interesting, moreover, figuring that out won’t get you Nobel Prize. LOL!!!

Just a friendly reminder for you: “Overthinking is bad for your health. 😝” Please focus on something else more constructive, like what to eat for the coming meal later? 😜

By the way, I will not tell you who was that man. I will let you to be tortured by your curiosity until you give up kepo. 😄

*kepo: Hokkien term for “busy body”


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