X Sensei, you are on fire!!! 😱

Since my first visit to my current research center few years ago, I always notice a (suspicious 😁) middle aged man walking/wandering around the institute area (seems to be aimlessly) when I was coming to or leaving the lab/office. I didn’t know who he is, but I realized there is a man like that.

After joining the institute, Le Supervisor mentioned about an X Sensei sometimes. He said he is his good friend and they are having some collaborations. I took note about that but I have no idea who is this X Sensei.

One day, when I was walking along with Le Supervisor on the corridor heading to our lab, we met this guy on the way! Le Supervisor stopped and talked to him in very high spirit and they seemed to have fun! :mrgreen: Le Supervisor introduced me as his favourite student 😍 (LOL!!!) but he didn’t tell me who that man was. I nodded and said hi to that weird wandering man. 😮

After the encounter, Le Supervisor said: “That was the X Sensei I told you.👆”

“Oh! I always see him wandering around the institute sometimes in the morning when I come, or in the afternoon when I go out for lunch, or in the evening when I go home. I thought he is a janitor or something.”

He smiled and raised his voice: “No~~~~ he is a bad guy! You know why you always see him outside?”

“No, I don’t know. Why? Why? Why? Why???”, curious, I was so curious. 😜

“The compound of our institute is declared as smoke-free area, so he always need to go out to smoke.”

“Ah, so desu ka… Now I know, he is a smelly bad guy. Haha!”

Le Supervisor: “Yea, hahahaha! Very bad guy to you! ;)”

I didn’t have much chance to see or talk to X Sensei after that meeting in the corridor until one day he gave me a ride to have lunch, fortuitously. We started to talk in his car. He knew I am a cheerful and funny person, and he enjoyed talking to me very much 😄. After the lunch, he suggested we go for lunch again “next month!”, on my birthday! ✌ I said Ok, but eventually I ‘release his aeroplane* 😂’.

I didn’t see him again for the coming few months until last week, when I went back earlier.  He was standing in front of the side gate of the institute, trying to hide his cigarette behind when he saw me. But the smoke was coming out. 😁

He was happy to see me: “Hey! How are you doing? It has been few months huh? :D”

I answered while laughing: “Hi, sensei! OMG, you are burning! Smoke is coming out from you! 😛” I don’t know why, but I just feel fine to be relaxed and reveal the real me in front of him. It’s a condition called æŠ•įž˜ in Chinese. But opss, I don’t know how to translate that. I am sorry, please start learning Chinese… 😜

He chuckled: “Yeah, I am ON FIRE!!!! 😂 Hahahahaha!!!”

Hahahahaha!!! We laughed along before I wished him a good day and went back. He laughed all the way watching me leave surrounded by the smoke. :mrgreen:

Just now, I met him again when I came out from Le Supervisor office. He was coming from the other end of the corridor, but he recognized me: “Hi!!!”, from afar, with big smile 😁.

“Hi, sensei! :)”

He was smiling happily like meeting an old friend. 😀

When we got closer, the funny me initiated the dialogue: “Are you still on fire now? 😄”

He switched to serious mode: “Yes, I am always on fire. I am combustible. 😜”, followed by his signature Hahahahahaha!!! 😂

LOL!!! Funny sensei, I find him like a crazy friend I have. Glad to know you, X sensei. Next time I will blow you with a fire extinguisher when I see you burning. Please be prepared for that. 😂Hahahahaha!!!

*release his aeroplane – Cantonese phrase to describe a situation where a promise is made but not kept. 😝


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