Please stay excited, Sensei! 😜

Le Supervisor needs to conduct an additional set of experiment using a specific line of rice to collect supportive data for his research. The seeds of the rice is only available in one specific gene bank in China, nowhere else in the world but just that specific gene bank.

He sent email to inquire about the seeds since July 2015, before I came and join the research group. He got a reply in September 2015. When he replied again, nothing came back. He wrote several emails again in the coming time, but nothing, just nothing. 😒

He was very patiently waiting until it is almost the season of planting. He couldn’t wait anymore. So last 2 weeks, he shared me his problem: “You know, Angelyn, I have been requesting this line of seed to conduct that khlsllejoigog part of our experiment, but they didn’t reply me since September 2015. What should I do? 😑”

I suggested to call them, but he refused. I convinced him that writing to them again in Chinese would help, and he got me to draft and send the email to the gene bank, on behalf of him, in formal Chinese. He had little hope on that attempt because he thought language cannot be a border for gene bank which deals with request from all over the world.

Anyway, he got a reply in Chinese the next day after I sent that email.โœŒ

He was yelling and jumping when he saw that in his inbox: “Wohoooooooo~~~ You were right, Angelyn!!!! They replied!!!!!!!!!! 😁”

It was about the genetic profile and additional information on the rice line. We discussed and decided the amount and line to purchase. I placed the order for him. He was looking at me with Puss in Boots eyes all the while when I was typing and sending the email 😄. LOL!!!

Today, he finally got his seeds!!! He was so excited since this morning! He dashed into my office when he heard that I came, happily he said: “Angelyn, look at these!!!!”, holding the seeds in his hand 🙆.

“Wow, you got it!!!”

“Yeah! Because of you, I managed to get them before the planting season ends!!! Thank you very much!!!!”, super high spirit :).

“You’re welcome. I just wrote some emails in Chinese. Thanks the gene bank. :D”

“No, I must thank you! You’ve solved my unsolvable problem since last year! You are very good!!! I’m feeling lucky!!! ;)”, he was so agitated that I think if he was allowed to, he would hold my shoulders and shake them until they fall apart. 😂

I just smiled and continue with my literature review. โ† Chilax je… 😛

He expressed his gratitude and got out after he figured that I wasn’t so into his excitement. 😁

Well, later it turns out today is an Angelyn-promoting Day. 😅

Le Supervisor was telling everyone he encountered on how he struggled to contact the gene bank, and how I helped him to get the seeds in less than 2 weeks time, emphasizing that I am very important to him and to our research group 😄. By everyone, I mean everyone he met since the morning: The Big Boss, the lab members, the researcher from next door, the lab assistant who came in to send in report, the instrument operator, his collaborators, his visitors from other cities (we have 5 today), the sale person who came to deliver my chemicals, the admin stuffs, students from other group…. everyone! Now I am not only the Working Too Hard Girl, I’m the Very Important Chinese Girl! 😄

When he was telling that to other for the first time, I would stop what I was doing, stand still and gently node to his audience when he was telling the story, to show respect. But later I gave up, and just pretend I don’t understand Japanese and play deaf because it seems to be endless. 😜 

Now he is promoting my language skill pula: “Angelyn is brilliant, she can speak many languages, English, Malay, Chinese, Fujian, Cantonese, Tamil, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, French…(over, just too over…)……” Maybe later he will promote my cats 🐱🐱🐱, because he is getting more and more excited! LOL!!!

Dear sensei, please calm down….

I do not feel too much excitement, because more seeds, only means more lab work for me… 😰 Anyway, it’s good to see him happy :). He might forget to assign me something else today. 😜

Keep promoting please, sensei! Please focus and keep doing that today, tomorrow, and if possible, for the months to come until I complete my PhD, so that I don’t have to work too hard. Onegaishimasu~ 🙇😂


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