Nature, I’m coming!!!! Or, maybe not… 😅

19:00, while I was enjoying my ice-cream in the office, Le Supervisor came in excitedly. Ah…. he read my report on our new finding. 🙂

“Ah, you’re eating!”

“….” <-brain freeze 😅

He couldn’t wait for me to say a word: “So what should we do now?”

“Hah, I think next we can do kjhfdsgh, then fghjuuik, and ghjewwdfy….”

He continued: “Yeah, also pooovcxwh, and gfsqqrgjk!!!”

I just node and smile, with ice-cream in my mouth. 😄

“You know what you’ve found is very new! Nobody in the field reported that before!!!  Very good!!!”

I just smile, keep smiling. 🙂

“How should we write the paper? How should we discuss it? Do you have any idea?” <- He was excited like a kid. 😂

“Hmmmm… if what we found is significant,  we can discuss by comparing previous reports since 1958. Justify why what they reported was not reflecting the real mechanisms (blar3… justifications…)…”

He listened while nodding: “Yeah, this is very new! You could probably overwrite the whole theory! Now we’ve identify the research gaps, do experiments, collect the data, after that you write a manuscript and submit to Nature or Science!”


Oh, Nature! That’s my all time aim since I decided to become a researcher!!! Now I’m getting closer to it!!! 🙌

He saw me just smiling, he asked: “Angelyn, what do you think? You are smiling. :D”

“I’m thinking if I have enough time to conduct the whole complete study throughout my PhD? I presume it will take more than 5 years, at least. Or I’ll just report the new finding in a small paper and move on…”

“No, this is a Nature quality of finding!!!” <- what I heard was “more work, more work, more work, endless of work….. 😂”

Oh yeah, calm down Le Supervisor. Please let me finish my ice-cream in peace. I will think about it tonight. 😜

Hmmmmm….. what should I do? To Nature, or not to Nature? This is a big decision, it probably will give overwhelming impact on my travel plans. I must think properly. Think think think think think… 😜

* Nature, impact factor 38.138; Science, impact factor 34.661, as of year 2016. Oh yeah~ 😍😍😍


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