“Now I have you!” …but… I die! 😂

Just done a 2.5 hour of meeting with Le Supervisor. What we did within that long hour was to draft an email, a very important email. It was prepared with all kinds of strategies in order to get the reply. ← desperate people πŸ˜‚.

It started with a brief report of mine stating on my future plan on my network modeling research (ah ha, finally I’ve crawl out from the depressed-hopeless-see-no-road-hibernation-hole I dug and buried myself in. LOL!!!).Β I was kinda stress, with too many things on my plate, I have tears rolling in my eyes I don’t know why. He noticed that.Β I told him I’ve tried all my best to jump over the hurdle in front of me, but I couldn’t:'(. I’ve gave up trying on my own and decided to contact some researchers who are good on mathematical modeling in hope to get assistant on that.

He agreed (because he knows me 😁).

He invited me to his office, and we started the search on potential collaborators in Japan. With the help of the advance researcher network searching interface, and the not so specific keywords, it turned out there are only 16 Japanese researchers who are working on the network model approach I am working on. After further screening, non of them are in the exact or even close field πŸ˜’.

I suggested since no one is in the same field, we could start with getting researchers who are in the same university and who are expert in network modeling (not the same kind though), so that it’s easier for me to have face to face discussion in the future. Maybe they could at least give me some brief ideas on network modeling, and I can build something out from there.

He agreed too.

We then spent an hour or so screening through the staffs of our university, identified 3 of them! ✌ All of them are from the engineering faculty. We then did background search for each of them one by one, on their interests, current research, publications etc. Eventually, no one of them are found to be suitable or even close (as expected! :roll:).

Anyway, I must get someone, by today!!! 😈😈😈😈 *roar de la desperado 😜*

After some discussions, we decided to contact one of them, who are working on “complicated models such as neural networks, lingo networks blar3…” ← his original introduction phrase.

Since it is really hard to get suitable candidate for our collaboration or perhaps discussion, this is like a one-shot-must-kena attempt. Le Supervisor was very serious in drafting the email to him, because if we fail to initiate the discussion, his favourite student will get really mad, and he will not get his daily happy booster. It’s a symbiotic relationship you see. πŸ˜›

He spent long time thinking on how to write a polite and proper email which will fish a reply. He was squeezing his brain real hard, poor him 😣. We have discussion from time to time, sentence by sentence, and he even ask me about the psychological response one would have reading each of the sentence. So CSI, so FBI, that it feels like we were plotting a perfect crime πŸ˜‚.

He took some breaks in between and started telling me some stories. On how he wrote a proposal two years ago, and got encouraging reply from the agency. How he struggled to get collaborators and got rejected. How his idea on the model came in, and how he gave up working on it blar blar blar…. Then he turned to me and said: “It was really hard, I gave up. But later I met you and now, you are here! I see hope in this again. I am motivated to work this out again because I have you! ☺”

Oh yeah, it sounded romantic. I replied: “Yeah, you have me. And I am stuck!!! If I can’t get it done, I will not quit, I will die…”

And, that was why, we had that 2.5 hours of meeting. I hope that researcher replies, pray hard to the Modeling God.Β Reciting the mantra, sincerely ↓↓↓ πŸ˜›

reply_us <- function(receive, read, reply){ # plz open it la
                                            # plz give positive reply la
  return(our email)                         # plz la, plz la, plz la

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