Please skip those classes! 

I will be presenting my progress in the research group on the coming September, and am busy collecting data and analyzing them. I was doing that in Le Supervisor’s room.

After some discussions, he said: “Angelyn, you will be very busy in September.”, he knows all my schedule, and my September is resplendentally PACKED! Woyeah!!! 😂

“Yes, kind of. But it’s fine, I enjoy it. ;)”

1 progress meeting (easy pissy, perhaps 😛)

2 time-consuming courses (I need to commute within cities, everyday? 😑)

Stupid modeling 😂 (not so stuck now ✌)

Internship (some days working and transporting with Le Supervisor in “our company” ← his term 🙂 )

2 manuscripts (cracking my head to complete and submit 😎)

3 actively running collaborations (in Japan, and Malaysia, with deadlinesssssss…)

Endless of experiments…

Well, I actually don’t know how to assess my level of business, I just keep moving on… I’ve come to an extent, where I have NO TIME FOR STRESS!!! Oh, new milestone! 😜

He turned over: “Angelyn, you know you  can skip those classes!”

Me: “Huh? 😮”

“Just make sure you attend enough of it in order to not fail, and skip the rest!”

Me: “Huh?” This is so not my style, I huh twice. 😜

“I don’t want you to travel so much, it’s hard for you. So I’m suggesting that.”

“Oh… will that affect my grade? You know I don’t want to have B if I can get A, and I will try to have all A+ if possible.” ⇐ Sipeh kiasu girl 😛

“Angelyn, don’t bother that. You have many publications and more to come, and your PhD. Grading can never bother you throughout your life, no more! ;)”

“Don’t bother it!”

“You don’t have to care about that. It is stupid…”

“Your high impact factor papers are more convincing than your transcript!”

“Nobody look at the grades…”


“Oouradf HBO Jo l l bgfd Dr t….”


↑↑↑ Persuading hard for me to skip some of the classes, in the coming 15 min. 😂

I just smile and node, smile and node, without saying a word. 🙂

Seeing me not responding, he wrapped up his effort: “Angelyn, skip some of the classes, you don’t have to attend them all. I am supporting you to skip them. Please consider to do so.”

What kind of supervisor is this? This is so weird, I cannot understand… 😂


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