Hi, what are you? 😮

Spoke to a biologist from Austria, who is working on insects, this morning, by chance. We had some discussions about his research over the morning coffee. ☕Based on how “scientific” I responding to him, he asked me: “So you are a researcher too? I am an entomologist🐞🐜🐝? How about you :)?”

LOL!!! This is a very hard question for me, because I am into too many fields (greedy, too greedy… Or boring… just too boring…😜). Erm… I am a geneticist, I am a biochemist, I am a microbiologist, I am a water chemist, I am a plant physiologist, I am a risk assessor, I am an environmentalist, I am a policy researcher, I am a writer….

Instead of the long confusing intro, I just said: “I am working on multi-disciplinary science. Just imagine I have all kind of food on my plate. That’s what I am eating 🍝🍕🍔🍛🍜🍲🍹.”

We started to have some scientist-to-scientist chit-chatting. He has some thing to say about chemists: “Last time I used to work in the lab with some chemists, you know chemists are somehow crazy. One of my friends was pipetting acrylamide with his mouth!!!😨” ← Exaggerated facial expression 😁

To be a good listener, I answered: “Wow, that was so crazy!!! I never tried that. I only ever made some arsenic portions with high grade sodium metaarsenite powder, and drink them! 😎”

He almost spill his coffee on his beard. Hahahaha!!!

“What???? You drank arsenic???😱😱😱😱😱”

“Hahaha, of course not! I made my babies to drink it! ;)”

His mouth opened so widely that it can fit in a watermelon!!! 😂

To comfort his shaken soul 👻, I explained my experiments playing with arsenic, in an interesting way. I can see his soul is getting back to his body 😝. Hehe.

After that, he told me: “Phew… thank God! I thought I encounter a murderer! It’s nice to meet you, and I am glad you explained. You sounded like a crazy scientist to me. :mrgreen:

Oh yeah! I never said I am not. 😜

Well, let’s forget about the research and enjoy the day. Good day to you, a-not-very-crazy-scientist! 😝


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