X Sensei: “I’m on fire!” 😂

If you still remember,  there is this weird wandering X Sensei in my institute.

He turns out to be a good friend of Le Supervisor. Since I last posted about him, I encountered him not more than 5 times. Every time we met, it was somewhere along his “wandering path” in the institute. 😜

Sometimes we wave to each other or just node and smile without saying anything.

Later, I got informed that I need to take 3 lectures to score some credits for my semester. Le Supervisor is taking it more seriously than I do (because he knows how much I hate “stupid” courses. 😜). He helped me to screen through the lecturers in our institute (because he knows how much I hate traveling to the main campus to attend lectures 😂). Le Supervisor is super kind! 🙂

After decided on 2 lecturers, he brought me to meet them and get their approval to attend their class. They both agreed. ✌

I thought he would bring me to a third one, but we got back to the office right after.

I asked: “How about the third class?”

“You can attend X Sensei’s class. I’ll just talk to him. He MUST agree!”

LOL!!! I can see their bromance. 😝

Eventually, I attended X Sensei’s class for the first time. We had some practical too. He was impressed by my skill in handling bacteria and putting a series of 1 uL solution on the plate without touching the tip. That’s nothing to feel proud about anyway. I’ve been doing those for years, and it would be more impressive if I can’t perform them. Hahahaha!

He feedbacks to Le Supervisor saying that I was very serious in his class that he thought I hate him (because he is a smelly bad guy 😜), until I started making jokes when he accidentally smeared all the bacterial sample together during his demonstration. I told the class: “X Sensei just demonstrates us what we should not do for sample preparation.”, and everyone laughed, X Sensei laughed the loudest. 😛

It was a fun class with X Sensei. I spoke to him on his motivation, and it was a fruitful conversation. Thank you, X Sensei! 🙂

Today, when I was entering the institute, I saw X Sensei again! He was standing in front of the gate (you know what he was doing I guess 😜). He saw me from afar and started waving to me. 😀

“Hi, Sensei!”, I greeted him while smiling.

He responded with his prepared script (tersengeh-sengehly 😜): “I am on fire!”

Hahahaha! I wasn’t expect that! I stopped my bicycle and laughed!!!

He was laughing along, in his cloud of smoke. Hahahahaha!!!

What a funny way to start a good day, with a burning + smelly but funny + bad guy?! He made my day! 😂😂😂


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