“She is cute, right?” 😆

I was working with our collaborator and his family members when Le Supervisor came in. I was teaching them how to speak Malay (it’s a free trial lesson 😜) in my uniquely funny way while continuously working on the labeling of the fruits. I made some Malay-Japanese-English combo jokes and made the old folks laugh, periodically. 😁

Le Supervisor stood there watching and asked his collaborator (Kw san), who got his face so red out of the continuous laugh, too. 😁 Haha!

Le Supervisor:  “Angelyn is a cute girl, isn’t  she?”

Kw san, answers while wipping tears off his eyes 😂: “Yes, she is a very cute and interesting person. She is so *sampachi! Hahahaha!!!”

It was a term I just created and taught him. And he is applying it right at the point!!!! Subarashi!!! 😜

Le Supervisor was laughing along, and we got the hall filled with giggles, on and off. šŸ™‚

After the hardship part, the son got me a very nice serving of strawberry shaved ice which was very cutely decorated. 🍧The old man in the house was so keen bringing me around the field, got me to taste all kind of fruits that are readily plucked from the trees. 🍇🍊🍋🍈🍅🍆🍐🍑🍏

Oh… it’s a happy monkey day for me.🐵  He got my stomach filled until kabooooommmmmmmm!!! 😁

Upon leaving, he fills our car with boxes of vegetables and fruits (which I like 😍), all are selected ones, and all for me! I refused, but he insists. So….. thank you! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I am going to share them with the lucky ones later. šŸ˜‰

We took a photo, he shook my hand and thanked me. He then told Le Supervisor: “She is a very good girl. And cute. It’s our pleasure that she visits us. We had a lot of fun. Please bring her here more in the future. We are going to miss her…blarx3…”

His words made me so shy, you know I wasn’t good or pretending to be cute. I was just… sampat-ing around. 😂 Not knowing how to respond, I just stood there smiling and blushing… 😜

Today I learnt that, having a cute personality is an advantage if you are also tamciak at the same time. 😁 You see, by being just herself,  this cute tamciak poh macam kena lottery in the field, over and over and over!!!!!! 😜😜😜 This is better than kena a real lottery to me, like yumyum, kaboooooommmmmm!!!  😂

*sampachi, A term I just modified and taught him.

Sampachi = 38 = sampat, in my mother tongue. It’s an adjective to describe “crazy, funny, extraordinary abnormal person, usually girls”.  LOL!!!


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