Come, let’s go to the North Pole!!! 😂

The room temperature in my office was not cold this morning due to some new settings. It got me feeling uncomfortable. So I got into Le Supervisor’s room to check the temperature there. 😁 He was not there, but ahha!!! The temperature was good!!!

So I decided to work in Le Supervisor’s room, I have my place there (too), you see. 😉

I was working on my data analysis, humming my happy song when he came in. He saw me from outside.

“Hello, Angelyn!!!” ← high spirit 🙂

“Hi!!! Erm… due to the energy saving policy, my office is not cold, so I come here! 😁” ← I explained because I have nothing to discuss 😜

He smiled, “I see. You know it’s colder in the third floor (one of our labs),why don’t you go there?” He will be working there today.

“Hah!!! Really? Hmmm…..”

“Come, let’s go there! You will be happy, I’m sure! Let me grab your laptop for you…” Well, he always made the best decision for me, I guess. Because he is the boss, so I just go. 😂

And that explains why I am sitting in the lab, doing no experiment, but humming my happy song. Here, beside Le Supervisor’s bench. 😜

If people ask, I would say, I am here for my species survival, because I would melt downstairs. I hope they accept that justification. 😜


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