“I don’t want you to die…” 😑

11 hours of desktop analysis, 3000++ sets of data, 5 hours of continuous discussion, that was what I have been doing today. Because I wanted to complete my first draft of manuscript by end of this month. Phew… 😐

I presented to Le Supervisor about the layout of the paper, the data displays that I wanted to prepare, and the “selling point” of my paper. He agreed with most of it. ✌

He knew the data size I have to deal with is very big (> 20,000 sets!!!). “I remember, you complained to me before!”, he said. 😐

Since he is also a co-author of that paper, he offers to help in preparing one of the diagram — a map! I sketched that kind of map I want to have in the layout and he thinks he can make it.

Well, I don’t want him to do that, because I know how yimchim myself is when it comes to preparing a manuscript. 😜 Anyway, he insists and I let him win. 😂

We were working side by side, and he kept asking me about the map he is working on from time to time. “Hmmmm… I think we can remove this river, what do you think?” “Angelyn, do you want to keep these islands?””How do you like the scale? Put here? Put there?”, and I was going really cerewet 😂: “Hmmmm, can you move this label 2 lines up and 3 steps to the right?” “I think the words in pt 14 is better.” “Can you mark the border with 3.25pt of line?” “I think the gray can be a little grayer here…” “Can you pin the locations precisely with this symbol, black background, white text, Franklin Gothic Medium…” Got him so headache, I think he regrets. 😁

It was 8 pm, I was so exhausted with the data I started talking to myself in funny voices, and he got so annoyed with the map (because of me!). 😜

I tell him: “If you are tired please save it and continue some other time. I need this by the end of September. Take it easy. :)”

He took a very long and deep breath like “Phhhhhheeeeewwwwwwww….”

I continue: “Please go home early, and don’t work too hard. I don’t want you to die on your way back….”

He was like “Awwwww…. that’s so sweet…. :)”

Then I complete the sentence: “… if you want to die, please die at home. So that people don’t have to move your death body. 😂”

He hang for a second like WHAT??? and bursted out loud. Hahahahahaha!!!

I also laugh along. Hahahahahaha!!!

It continued for another 3 minutes and we stopped, out of breath. Hehehehe…

He wiped his tears: “Angelyn, please don’t sampachi!”, and continue with the hahahahaha!!! 😝😝😝😝😝

“I am sorry but I am little over-sampachi today. Hohohohohoho!!!”

LOL!!! We laugh so loudly and nonstoply that big boss came in to check on us. 😂😂😂😂😂

It wasn’t so funny, we were just overstressed I guess. Hehe. Anyway, we were sampachi-ing around until 9 pm when we decided we should just go back because there were just two of us in the whole building and the echo started to sound spooky…. 👻👻👻👻


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  1. Bonsai says:

    What a cheerful person you are! Thoroughly enjoyable.


    1. angelyn00i says:

      Thank you Bonsai. I hope you enjoy reading my sharing of crazy and fun moments of my life. Have a good day! 🙂


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