It’s a trap!!! But I am stepping in….

Finally see Le Supervisor in his new office today. He was happy to see me: “Here, put down your bag.”
So I hand him my bag and he put it on a desk next to his desk. (?!?!)
“Here, take a seat.”
So I sat down on the chair of “that” desk.
Well, he placed a desk next to his (like our desk arrangement last time). On that desk, there are a set of Apple PC with 30-inch monitor.
He said: “So, how do you like your office?” (Of course, very good! :p )
I could not show too much of my excitement, so I said: “Erm, not bad.”
“If you don’t like your room, you can come over here. This desk is for you.” (In my heart: No, no, no, no, no….)
I didn’t say anything.
“The Apple PC is for you. You could install your software here.”
“But I already have my *laptop, and I am good with it.” *not my laptop but the institute laptop anyway.
“Do you know we got an Apple TV, and this Apple PC can hijack the screen?”
He shown me the Apple TV we just bought, it is so big, I don’t know maybe 40-inch or larger??? It is like a mini theater already.
“If you come here, we can work on the modelling side by side and share our screen to this TV. You have been using windows, maybe you can try machintosh. Try your Apple PC.” (In my heart: “No, Angelyn, it is a trap! It is a trap!!!”)
“Ah, but all my scripts are in my laptop.”
“Never mind, you could have two. Keep your laptop in your room, and when you are here, use this Apple PC. I am sure you will like it!”
He was so sincere, so I have to say: “Ok.”, and falling into the trap, paksa-rela-ly…. 😄
Haha. <- laughing at myself. 😂

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