Hey Obachan, I am THE foreigner lah!!! 😂

I was munching on “my secret in my drawer”, listening to Felix Mendelssohn, got my fingers dancing to the music while preparing my reports in my office when Le Supervisor came in silently and watched me from the back. He was happily spying on me before I noticed his presence. 😑

We made appointment to go for data collection together tomorrow. I asked him for his suggestions to buy a gift bag for our collaborator.

“Angelyn, if you are free. Let’s go to buy it together now!” Wow, that was spontaneous. I took 3 sec to wrap my “secret bar” ← very important step. 😁 Now, let’s go!!! 😜

The rain stopped so we walked to a famous gift shop nearby.

We were looking around while discussing on the types and suitability of the available products (in English). An old lady (a customer) who was watching us from the beginning came by…

She gazed at him, and gazed at me. Then she started talking to me (in Japanese): “Oh, you are bringing your foreign friend to buy gift in this shop? Where is he from? :)” ←very kind and warm smile.

LOL!!! But obachan, I am the foreigner!!! He is a Japanese!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Two of us were laughing to each other before clarify that to the kind lady. This is not the first time.

She studied my face carefully, with disbelief in her eyes: “Are you sure? (Adjusting her glasses 😮)  You really look like a Japanese to me!” 😄

We had some chit-chatting and I waved goodbye to her asking her to take care (like a shop keeper, I don’t know why 😂).

On our way back, Le Supervisor was not happy… Because a Japanese thought he is not a Japanese. 😒

So I shared with him an incident happened to me back in 2014, when I was attending an International Water Symposium in Malaysia. A Malaysian administration staff came by and asked me (in English): “Excuse me…. Are you Dr Aki from Kyoto University….. ” Bello, I am a Malaysian!!! LOL!!!! That was exactly how I was feeling that he is feeling!!! And it happened many times, over and over, even in my own university. 😂

After hearing that, he feels much better. I called it the ITSBRS — In the Same Boat Relief Syndrome. 😜

By the way, here is a gift bag wearing raincoat. 😜


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  1. Bonsai says:

    Cute description of a simple encounter! I like your style. Lots of faces too!


    1. angelyn00i says:

      Thank you. Your comment motivates me. πŸ˜‰


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