Waaahhh~~~ Angelyn tortures me!!!

Today, we have to go to a farm for data collection with Le Supervisor’s car. He wasn’t very focus while driving, so I tell him: “Please drive carefully, I don’t have accident insurance here in Japan. Please don’t risk my life! 😱”

He explained that this is part of the journey for research and we would be covered by the university insurance.

So I said: “Oh really? Ok, you may drive recklessly now. πŸ˜›”

“But someone has to fill in the insurance claim form for you to certify that you were on your way for data collection, so I must not die…” ←he was definitely over-thinked. πŸ˜‚

I just smile, and said: “Ah…. please don’t die. You may break your legs or something but please don’t die…” ←following his flow of over-thinkingness 😁

Later he continued: “Oh, but Kw san (the collaborator we are meeting) can also fill the form for you!”

The naughty me: “Oh yeah? So, you may die! 😜 ” He got a little upset. Bad me! Hehehehehehe…

After a tedious 5 hours of working, 3 of us went for a late lunch together at 3 pm. We had nomi hodai* lunch, and I helped Kw san to fill up his glass (because I was filling mine).

Kw san coughed several times when we were in the farm, and he did that again in the restaurant. I feel sorry to see him suffer, so I asked him: “ε€§δΈˆε€«γ§γ™γ‹γ€‚” to deliver my concern when he stopped.

Right after he answered me, Le Supervisor tells him: “Angelyn is very kind and tender (ε„ͺしい) to you. But she is treating me very badly (εŽ³γ—γ„).” 😨

I was surprised, and I wasn’t sure what he was referring. LOL!!!

Kw san didn’t believe him, because I have been very gentle and polite whenever he sees me. πŸ™‚

Le Supervisor was trying to throw in supportive judgements: “This morning…. (blar3 telling Kw san I said he may die because Kw san can help to file for my claim….” Hng, けさい~~~ 😜

Kw san almost cried laughing.

In order to fight back my good reputation (ehhem! 😁), I said: “But I did tell you I don’t want you to die, right?”

“Oh ya!”, he turned to Kw san: “Last week she told me she doesn’t want me to die on my way home, if I die I must die at home blar3….” Such a Complain King! πŸ˜‚

After listening to him, Kw san: “Harsh, it was harsh. But you like it, right? Hahahahaha…”

“NO NO NO NO!!! She always torture me! Never treat me good!!!” ←Drama King πŸ˜›

To comfort his disturbed soul, I teared my piece of bread into half and handed to him: “Oh poor you, I’m sorry. Here, take this!” , like comforting a kid.

Kw san laughed like crazy. Hahahaha!!! He told him: “Sensei, I know you enjoy being tortured. Right, Angelyn?” He is obviously siding me. 😜

Le Supervisor gone speechless with funny expressions. Hehehehe

On our way home, in the car, two of us. I apologized to him if I ever made him feel bad with my behaviors, intentionally or unintentionally, seriously. I sincerely apologize. πŸ˜“

He smiled: “Nah, Angelyn. I was kidding. I don’t want to say this, but I enjoy being tortured by you. Please torture me.”

LOL!!! Kw san was right!!!! And this is very funnily weird. πŸ˜‚

Now let me withdraw my apology. Wahahahahaha!!! Wahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜›


*nomi hodai (ι£²γΏζ”Ύι’˜) – unlimited drink


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