“Now I love you back, okayyyyyy???” 😂

I have been looking for Le Supervisor since the morning because I have something on my analysis that needs his advice. He is having a very tight schedule that I decided to sit in his room to catch him.

I did a brief estimation yesterday, and 33,120 is the data size that I have to deal with. 33,120!!! Phew… such a big sample set, no wonder I’m feeling like dying, constantly. 😵

The assistant (Kn san) was also there, so I sort of “complaining” to her: “You know I have to do 3-step analysis for 33,120 sets of data, it’s almost 100,000 data points!!! Ahhhhh… I hate M Sensei (Le Supervisor 😁)!!! Please don’t tell him. 😜”

She smiled and promised to keep our secret. Hehehe. I proceed with data analysis while waiting for Le Supervisor, it is a looooooonnnnggggg day….. Arghhhhhhh….

1500, Le Supervisor finally came in. Kn san immediately tells him: “Angelyn is waiting for you since the morning…. ”

While sitting down, Le Supervisor: “Angelyn, what you have to tell me?”

The naughty me (raised my hands): “Hah, you are back!!! I miiiisssss yoooouuuuu!!!!” ←Passionate intonation 😛

He smiled: “I know you miss me all the time. 😁”

Kn san snickered at her desk. 😁

“I have this problem with the data blar3… (describing my data generation steps) ….the sample size is too big, and it’s too time-consuming, my brain is boiling and I’m dying…”

He listened carefully and said: “Angelyn, you are doing it in a very sophisticated way. Why don’t you try this (simplier arithmetic analysis)? ”

“Because I want the data to have high accuracy. My method gives 99.99% of accuracy.”

I did simple model study with his proposed method,  accuracy is ~95%. I’m not happy. He persuades and justifies why 95% is enough for us. I somehow agree with him later on because it’s good enough for the quantification of our data, and it saves the workload by at least 300%!!! ✌✌✌

After an hour of discussion, I agree to apply his method over my original idea. I’m excited with the lightened burden on my shoulders. I keep saying “Yokatta! Phew… Yokatta ne… Hah!!!”

Now, it’s his turn to complain: “I don’t know why you go so far to generate that, I know you were a superb advanced mathematics teacher, but you could just solve it with simple high school maths. Not so advance but applicable to our case blar3….”

I was so excited with the relieve, I tell him: “Yea, you are right! You know I was cracking my head with that method, although I’m happy with the results. Phew, worth my time missing you this whole day. 😍”

He chortled. 😁

“My brain dried up and I actually hate you!”I went too sincere, I know. Hahahaha!

He was surprised: “What??? You hate me??? Why??? 😮 ”

“Yeah, I told Kn san I hate you just now, because of this stupid analysis you made me do. But now you’ve solved it for me. I don’t hate you anymore. 😁”

Kn san was shaking trying to hold back her chuckle. 😜

Le Supervisor was over-reacted: “Why you hate me? We’d just found an easier way to do it now. Please don’t hate me, I’m sad :(” ← like an upset boy 😜

I was amused: “Hahahaha! I hated you but now no more. You just shown me a way to save my time, I don’t hate you anymore. Now I love you back! 😍 ” ←trying to comfort a sad boy. Wahahaha!!! I was laughing + gone haywire along with Kn san after stating that. 😂

He was smiling joyfully with my reply: “You see, Angelyn. I don’t understand why you went so complicated. I can solve it for you easy peasy… (proud of his idea)… You should not hate me blar3….” ←2nd wave of tantrum 😂

I flipped my hand: “Ok, now I love you back!!! I don’t hate you anymore. You don’t have to repeat that. You are genius today, I am proud of you.” ←Getting too romantic, I almost thrown up. 😜

I spent 15 min or so laughing while comforting him. 😁 Kn san almost dead giggling listening to our conversation. Hehe.

I got my face so red, I tell him: “Ok, please stop. Please stop pretending you are upset. Enough for now. Hahahaha. I told you, now I love you back, OKAYYYYYYYY~~~~” Oh my, I was out of breath guffaw!!! Wahahahaha!!!

“No, I will not stop. I will continue complaining for the next 24-hr!!!”

LOL!!! I think he is excited knowing that I miss him and I love him back. 😝 It sounded so weird but we are weird anyway. Buahahahaha!!! 😂😂😂😂😂


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