“WHAT? You want to kill me???” 😱

We were having lunch with our collaborator,  Kw san just now. He was sitting in front of me. I don’t know what he was looking at when we were working together all these weeks ( 😂 ), today, he studies my face in a very detailed way, as if he first know me. 😮 *shy shy*

“Sensei…. Angelyn looks like M chan, the  morning news reporter of XTV!”, he tells Le Supervisor.

Le Supervisor smiles and somehow agrees: “Yeah, they look similar from the face, but Angelyn is naughtier.” LOL, what kind of statement is that??? 😂

Later on, Kw san tells me: “Oh, do you know the cartoon S Princess? Your character is like that princess, very playful and mischievous…”

I…. I…. I…. ok… that describes me. 😜

We talk about Japanese cartoons and mangas for the next 30 min. Kw san asks us about our favorite mangas.

Me: “Erm…. I read very weird mangas, not like what you think I would love…”

Le Supervisor: “Oh, I like a crazy manga. It’s about a teacher trying to kill himself but always fail…. 😎 ”

The naughty me, looked at him very seriously 😨 : “WHAT??? Are you trying to kill yourself?  Please don’t die before I finish my PhD!!!” Kw san laughs. 😁

The annoyed Le Supervisor: “Ok, I’ll die right after you graduate. 😠” Haha, here comes the tantrum man. 😜

“So Angelyn, what manga are you reading?”

“I’m reading on a story of a group of students trying to kill their teacher, over and over and over, but always fail… 😛 ”

“WHAT??? Angelyn!!! Are you planning to kill me???” 😱😱😱 Oh, my cute supervisor’s response is cute. 💝

I smiled at him in the sweetest way I could, without saying a word.  😀

Kw san: “You two are really a perfect combination. The teacher is reading about killing himself, the student is reading about killing the teacher! Perfect match! Hahahahaha!!!”

Hehehe, yes, very perfect! Next time we might read about killing the collaborator, together… 😁 Opssss…. 😝


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