Victim of Separation Anxiety 😁

Our research group is moving to the new building again next week. This time, we will have new and bigger labs, bigger rooms. I will have my own room instead of sitting next to Le Supervisor and the big boss. Oh yeah~~~

Our group members and I were busy checking out the rooms and looking at the floor plan to decide about the room arrangement and design before finalize it. My room will be next to the plant room (my babies’ room) and in front of the big boss’ room. Le Supervisor room is next to the big boss’ room.

After finalized the plan, we submit it to the office. Then Le Supervisor came by. He was excited to show me the rooms and labs we are moving in. So I went with him again. Hehe. He shown me his room, big boss room and my bench, and his bench, and my room. Then he said: “There is a big space in my room. You can come. Do you want to sit in your own room? Or in my room? Which one is better for you?”

Of course sitting in my own room is better!!! LOL!!! But I didn’t say that. I just said: “Ermmmmmmmmm….”

“Maybe after you try, then only you decide.”

“Ok.” Phew…

7 months of sitting next to each other, I think Le Supervisor is somewhat suffering separation anxiety.

Originally posted on 6th April 2016


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