“You will tell the world you hate me!” 😫

After some pros and cons comparison, I finally decided to move in to Le Supervisor’s room on early of October. I usually greet him in the morning and we go home together in the evening sometimes.

This morning, I get to the office early to prepare for my experiment. He was already there!!! There were only two of us, and I went a little playful 😝 β†’ I quietly sneak into the room and shock him from the side. He jumped! And smiled at me: “I’m sorry but you didn’t surprise me…”

“Ok, I will try again tomorrow. 😜 Hehehehe…”

Our morning was great, with good mood. πŸ™‚

I got back to the room after initiate my experiment, he turned to me: “Angelyn, I received invitation to contribute to this journal yesterday. The deadline is March 2017. Do you think we can make it?”

“Oh, gjjkredfh jjgdwwuikn (discussing about the potential scope and the experimental designs)…. Hmmm… it’s not hard I guess. If we work really hard, experiments can be done in a week. We can try! :)”

“Yes, experimental design 1 month, experiment one week, writing 2 months.”

Me kept making the noise “Hmmmmm…. Hmmmmmm…. Hmmmmm….” while thinking about how to schedule my plans to make things work.

He continued: “Data analysis is tedious, you will complain on your blog saying I torture you again. :mrgreen:”

“Yes, I would write ‘I hate you, I hate you, I hate you’ In block letters!!! With exclamation marks!!! πŸ˜‚”

He was thinking a little too far: “The hardest part would be the writing. ”

“Erm… writing this kind of paper is not so hard for me, I can complete the first draft in one month. If I get tired, I’ll just simply write. Maybe I would write the recipe of making good dumpling under the methodology. Hehehehe. It’s harder for you, you need to proofread and correct it. Hahahahaha!!!” ← witchy laugh 😜

He got amused: “Then I’ll write on your blog ‘Angelyn tortures me!!!’ In block letters!!! Hehehehe…”

We carried on to brainstorm for the new project plan for the coming 1 hour.

Me: “Ok, I’ll set the milestone on the calendar, and start working on it after I submit this one. πŸ‘ˆ” Yes, I’m working on one manuscript right now, with another one pending, and now he is suggesting a third one. πŸ˜…

“Good!”, now he is happy, but I’m not. 😁

Hahahahaha… ←my strengthless laugh, for the new workload πŸ˜‚

Hahahahaha… 😜


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