Bad, Bad Supervisor! Β πŸ˜›

Le Supervisor just came back from his business trip to a prefecture far away. After settling down in the office, he came and stood in front of my desk while checking for something on his phone when I was stressing with my documents.

In my heart: “No, no, no, no, no… Don’t tell me there is another project coming up…” *Pray pray pray pray… πŸ˜› *

Well, when he got what he was looking for, he handed me his phone. It is a photo, phew… thanks Buddha! Haha!

He says: “Angelyn, look! There is a dinosaur museum in the place I went, and they have dinosaur statues in front of the train station.”

I was happily checking on the photo: “Wow, really! Great!!! Wah!!!” *Happy like a child 😍 *

Le Supervisor: “Hah, now you are happy! Now get back to work!” πŸ˜‘

Such a bad supervisor! 😝
Originally posted on 1/12/2015.


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