You are a good guy today! 😜

​Le Supervisor is the reviewer of a paper submitted to a journal with impact factor of 8.6. The paper was submitted by a research group from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). After he has done with the review and evaluation, he shown me his report. He comments into very great details and wrote a 4-page report on it. Wow!!!

He told me he can feel that the researchers were working really hard to get to where they are now, but there are many parts lacking in the data, so he would suggest them to work out the data and resubmit the paper.

After went through the paper and his report, I gave him a bow and say thank you. He was like: “Why?” 

“I thank you on behalf of the UTM researchers, you gave them very valuable comments and if they do correction accordingly, I think the quality of their paper will improve a lot! Thank you very much!”

“Yeah, if they insert all those missing data and improve the way they discuss, I think the journal will accept their paper.”

Ok, we got back to work. I focus back on my book chapter writing and he proceeded to upload the report.

After he is done: “Phew, I just uploaded the report, I added some positive comments and sent to the editor. The authors would not see it, but the editor will understand.”

Saving my docx and I told him: “Wow, great! You know, you are a good guy today!” *smile smile*

Without letting him to say a word, I continued: “I don’t know about the other day, but today, you are a good guy.” “smile smile x2”

He tranced for a few seconds and bursted into laughter.

After a few hahas, he said: “Angelyn, you are very funny.” πŸ˜€

Yeah, if being humorous is one of the criteria to get a PhD, I think I would score 100% in that. :p

By the way, UTM research team, good luck to you guys! πŸ˜‰


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