He missed me, 100% confirmed!!! 😜

I went back to Malaysia for a month, for both research-based and personal purposes. On the last day before I fly off, one last working hour before I go home, Le Supervisor was observably sad. He came closer to me: “So…. I will not see you very soon huh? 😞” ←emo emo 😀

“Ya, please take care. I wish you are very busy when I am away.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because time flies faster when you are busy, and you will see me in a blink. 😉”

“I wish time could fly that fast.”

It was hard to say goodbye. 😣

One day after I landed on my homeland, I received email from Big Boss: “Angelyn, please enjoy your time at home. We will miss you while.” Awwww… so sweet! 😊

I kept contact through email (on data discussion and something *bukan-bukan 😜) with Le Supervisor when I was in Malaysia. Every time he ended the email updating me about the weather (it’s getting colder), and counting down on my “Lab Return”. 😂 I think he misses me. 😜

Well, Le Supervisor always tell me how much he misses the Malaysian food (I brought him for some yumyum every time he visits me before I came to Japan). So before my return to Japan, I emailed him “is there anything you miss in Malaysia? I can help you to bring over. 😊”

His reply was prompt, like one minute after I sent mine. “Please bring your big smile back to the lab. That’s all my request.” Oh, he misses my smile. 😀

On the day I got back to the office, he was so happy! He couldn’t wait for me to get to my desk. He jumped from his seat: “Welcome back! Oh, you have a new glasses!!! Oh, nice jean!!! Oh, tell me about Malaysia blarx3….”

He appeared so delighted and excited. I just smiled at him, until he gave me a gap to speak. 😜

He spent the remaining time of that day just talking to me. About everything, and anything. 🐱🐶🐰🐸🐼🐧🐞🐝🐁🐡🌸🌺🍄🌙🌞⛄⛅🎃🎉🎬🎻🏊🍶🍹🍜🍡🍊🍈🍫🍍🍅🎠✈🚤🚠🚄♨🏮😁😁😁

Hahaha, based on his response, I am positive that he missed me, he missed me a lot!!! 😜


*bukan-bukan: Malay word for “something not serious”


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