Oh, we are in a relationship! 😍

Alternative title: Chap Goh Mei Surprise 2.0 😁

Finally I have the chance to meet with Le Supervisor after receiving the reading lamp. 💝

I was making my notes under the reading lamp when he entered the office. After he settled down on his desk (which is just 2 feet next to mine), I started the conversation: “Please check on this reading lamp, it is so good!”

He came by and checking it out: “Oh, why is the light so focus (on my notebook)?” *Well, I set it! LOL!!!*
He thinks that a more well distributed lighting is better, so he adjusted the lamp for me. After he has done, he happily declared: “Yeah, that’s better!”
Finding the newly adjusted beam was also good, I said: “Yes, very good! I like this very much! Thank you!!!” *A little excited 😊*
“Nah, I didn’t do anything. You said you need one, so.” 😎
“Thanks for ordering this, I am very happy with it! You have lightened up my office life. 😝”
“Good, good. I am glad to know that.”, smiled and humming his happy song for the next hour. 😉
I think we are the same kind of people, we enjoy making others happy. 🐙 I give him his daily humour dosage and he answers my research needs. Oh, we are in a symbiotic relationship! 😛
– Originally posted on Facebook on 23-02-2016 😊 –
I am really glad to work in such an environment ← restatement. 😉


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