Birthday Surprise!!! I’m loved and I’m blessed 😍

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Graduation: Influenza wish?! πŸ˜‚

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“What? You are married? Why??? 😱😱😱”

Every time I tell someone I am married, they are surprised! Probably because I have baby face πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜. “Huh? You are married??? Are Malaysians getting married at young age?” “Oh, really? I can’t believe it! How old are you? Why are you getting married at such a young age?” “You mean you just get married?…

*WRONG!!!* Guideline: How to Decide on Which Conference to Attend? 😝

*Reader discretion is advised* πŸ˜† Le Supervisor came back from a meeting and seemingly very excited. He sat down and turned to me: “Angelyn, do you know that you need to present your results in at least 2 conferences before you submit your thesis?” “Hmmmm…. I’ve heard about that but I am not so sure…” ← just…

Shocking 38

<Shocking 38> Just now, a guy told me: “If I am single, I would marry you.” I was so shocked, I “hang” for a few seconds before I ask “Why?!” “Because you are kind, knowledgeable, artistic, patient, cheerful, caring, bright, positive…(very long description I forgot Β ).. Especially, you always smile, I like to see you…