S Series: I’m under a Stalker Protection Program 😁😁😁

Japan is known as one of the safest countries for solo female travelers and I always feel safe here whenever I go out alone. Sometimes, I stay in the lab until 11pm+ at night and I do not worry to go home on my own. I thought I would enjoy carefree life as much as I imagined until I encountered some weird/frivolous/misbehaving “friends” of the opposite gender I met in different occasions.

Concluding from the people I met so far, most of the Japanese are friendly and kind to people in the society and also to foreigners. Language different might restrict fluent communication but if they find you speaking their language, they are more than eager to know more about your country, your culture, your language, your food, and even on your perspective on life.

Anyway, my understanding on the people here somewhat changed when one random stranger who spoke to me in a place I visited once shown up in our institute looking for me! 😱 I wasn’t there on that day and he left me a letter on my desk. I didn’t notice it.

He visited a second time a week later straight to the office stating that “he really need to see me urgently”. Coincidentally I was away attending symposium (lucky me! 😊). People in the office were so curious and somewhat concern.

Le Supervisor spoke to me about that. I was more than surprise knowing what happened when I was away. To me, it was just a normal encounter you would have when you go outdoor on a fine day and you meet some people in the neighborhood. They greet you “konichiwa” and you nod back to them. They might tell you “Oh, today’s a warm day!”, and you reply with “Yes, have a good day and take care.”… that kind of communication.

I couldn’t imagine it ends up with “visit to my workplace” and “the urge to see me”. Le Supervisor knows how careful I handle human relationship, and he realized it wasn’t root from me. He labeled him as a “stalker” and advised me to stay away. I listened. I was so shocked! I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Credit: CBS

As a safety measure, I keep my locations in the institute confidential. Nobody else (except Le Supervisor) knows where I am at a specific time point, not even my colleagues or friends. During critical period, I also got my place in the director office all alone for safety reason. 😎

A screening system was set. Where people who come to look for me would have to go through the admin counter, got their information jot down. Our admin staff, S san will then inform Le Supervisor about that. He will pass the request to me and if it’s someone I’m expecting, we will meet in the guest meeting room. Or else, he’ll be blocked from entering the buildings. I am feeling like I’m in a witness protection program or something like that. πŸ˜‚

This measure has helped me to “get rid” of that “stalker” before I encounter a second one*. Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! This time he is a foreigner. And you will be surprised by the third one as well. β¬…definitely a herald. 😁

Why? Weird people, why?! 😡

*Stay tune, there is a part 2. 😜


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