Graduation: Influenza wish?! 😂

I attended the graduation ceremony (Institute level) for graduate school students together with Le Supervisor end of March earlier. There rest of the lab members were excited, and left for the venue early. While we were working in the office before that and walked there together later on. Too hardworking, I know. 😝

Although the admin staff informed him that he should be sitting in the designated sitting section for lecturers and researchers, he decided he is sitting next to me. 😁

The hall was very solemnly decorated, with a podium lifted in the middle of the stage. There was a counter with flowers and scrolls nicely arranged to the right of the stage. Graduating students were seated at the front row, and their supervisors sitting on the seats to the left of the stage.


The president of our institute gave a short but thoughtful speech before the ceremony began.

Le Supervisor briefed me on those proud supervisors sitting there. “X sensei has 2 students graduating this year. That is W sensei, the girl is his student. And that is F sensei, blar3…”

The graduating student was called upon one by one, the president would announce the award of the degree and the name of the student out loud, ended with a congratulation phrase. The student would accept the scroll from his hand, give a bow to the institute 🙏, the president 🙏, then turn right to bow to their supervisor 🙏 as a sign of appreciation. They would then receive a bouquet of flowers from the institute, and do the bowing again before they got back to their seat. 😊

I can see the supervisors were sharing the joy. Happiness glows on their faces. 🎉🎊😊

In between the break, we (Le Supervisor and me) had some small chit-chat. You know, those heeheehaahaa kind of topics. 😝

Then, I told him: “One and a half year later, it will be my turn. I would be sitting on the front row and you would be sitting up there (the supervisor’s section).” *excited me* 😁

He put on his long face: “Nope! I will not. I will be having influenza and couldn’t come!”

LOL!!! What kind of prediction was that? 😂😂😂

“Nooooo, you must come no matter what. I don’t mind you come wearing a mask if you are having influenza.”

“I don’t want to infect you, I will make sure I don’t come.” *naughty face 😎*

I couldn’t negotiate more because I was having hard time holding on my laugh. 😁😁😁

Hahahaha, that kind of conversation. If it wasn’t in the hall, in such a serious ambient, we would be having a debate on “Angelyn’s Graduation: Attend or Die?” something like that. 😝😝😝

Today, we receive a link to the pictures taken during the ceremony. I didn’t open it because I was busy finding solutions to the weird observation I have with my research.

Le Supervisor: “Angelyn, look!!!” *Excited tone*

“Yeah?!”, oh, he was looking at the pictures. 😊

“We looked so bored… Haha!”, he zoomed in the picture capturing us with resting bitch faces seemingly pissed. Hahahaha!!!

I was tickled: “Yea, we were arguing on your influenza you’ll have on my graduation day. Hehehehe…”

“Yea, I’ll have influenza and die, I can’t be there…”

“Oh, please make sure you come, so that I can pay tribute to you right after when you die. I will burn your body and mix your ash in the sand box of my cats.”

He got triggered: “What???? You!!!! *Roar 👹*” 😂😂😂😂😂

“To avoid that, please just have influenza but don’t die. 😉”

“Ok, I’ll not die… 😅”

Phew, ok… 😅 My psychological trick works. ✌ Next, I shall plot on how to make him not having influenza on that day. Nyeiknyeiknyeiknyeik…. ⬅ evil laugh 👿👿👿😝


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