Mad Boss Management #1: Give me 1 million USD! 😝

I didn’t have chance to talk to Le Supervisor from the morning due to tight schedule of lab. I got informed by our secretary that he is not in a good mood today. He has scolded 2 staffs and 3 students since the morning πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹. Wow, so scary… 😱

It was almost lunch time, I quietly sneak into our office. I saw him working on the desktop looking very serious.

I braved myself: “Are you… okay… today….?” *After calculated the risk to interrupt a mad boss, I even prepared myself to die 😝*

With serious voice 😱, he answered: “No, I’m not okay! I have….. *complaining about his problems*….. I feel cold…”

“Oh…”, I walked to turn on the heater for him, “How about now? 24℃ ok for you?”, I was worried.

He didn’t respond to my question: “…..*keep complaining*…. *cough cough cough*…..”

I quietly picked up his mug, walked to the pantry to fill it up with warm water and handed back to him 🍡, “Here. Please be careful, it might be a little hot.”

He took a deep breath and took a sip: “Oh, Angelyn~ This is not even warm, but thank you. *start smiling*”, phew… almost there. 😊

He continued: “Do you know *content is muted to conserve the privacy of the privy*…. I have headache….”

I opened the window for better ventilation. πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€

Me: “Oh, poor you… Is there anything else I can do to make you feel better? Would you have some ice-creams for me? (β¬… I’m impressed by my art of speaking 😝)”

He felt my worry and got a little relaxed: “Ya, I can have ice-cream later maybe. Give me 1 million USD and I will be happy. 😎”

The “rich*” me: “Ok, I’ll write you a cheque. Please cash it 50 years later. I probably will have that by then, or I die. Haha!”

“Oh, please don’t die before I cash the cheque.” *sunny smile* 😊

He was cheered so I left for lunch and came back with a bag in my hands. 🎁

Le Supervisor was still not looking good. 😣 I can see a black cloud on his head β˜”βš‘βš‘βš‘

I walked quietly to his side without saying a word, and slowly opened the bag as if I have a secret to show. 😁 He got so curious and have a peek inside *instant beam on his face 😊*.

I lowered my voice: “These are all for you, shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone…”

“Hey, hey, no nee…..”, I didn’t let him finish before dashing to the fridge. 😝 To avoid others from noticing, I did the whole thing in a flash and came back to our room like a thief. πŸ˜‚

“I have them all in the fridge now, please have it whenever you want. πŸ˜‰”

Le Supervisor was having a big smile on his face (Yayhay, mission accomplished! ✌): “Angelyn, that’s not enough. I want 1 million USD!!! 😁”

I replied with a smile: “I know, I told you that one you’ll get in 50 years. Now I’m paying you the interest. Please accept them. 😝”

He got cheered: “Angelyn, thank you very much.” 😊

“You’re welcome. Please try and tell me which one you like the most. They’re all yours now. 😊”

He was so excited: “Oh, there are many types? All for me???” He jumped from his chair and rushed to the fridge, while I left for the lab. “Enjoy! πŸ˜‰”, knowing that he is fine now, I can get back on my work. 😊

When I settled my experiment and came back, he was holding a cover of an ice-cream (Yes, I bought him ice-creamssssss 😊): “I had this! It was good! Thank you~~~~ 😍”

Oh, I’m glad. Now you are happy, and I’m happy. 😊

Endnote: A problem that can be solved with an ice-cream, is not a real problem. 😁 Now I’ve manage the secret to comfort my boss. Shhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone. 😝

*my definition on rich:

You are rich when you are content and happy with what you have. 😊 OMG, I’m so RICH!!! Extremely rich!!!! In the heart…. with 1000 yen in my pocket… Please don’t rob me.  😝

Anger Management Tip:

When you get angry, count one to ten

When you get to eight, throw a punch!

Nobody expects that. 😜


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