ICo1YMimDH 02: Dream House Reserved!!! 😍

In Celebration of 1 Year Moving into my Dream House (ICo1YMimDH): Part 2

Preface: Well, some of you may have notice that I was talking about moving in to a new house closer to my institute some time ago. Now it’s a one year anniversary!!! I have spent a wonderful year staying in my dream house. Oh yeah!!! To celebrate all the good times, I am posting on some memories and struggles I had one year back, when I was busy looking for a roof over my head. I hope you enjoy my stories.πŸ˜‰

So here it goes, a post I wrote one year ago, on 22nd May 2016…

Just came back from estate agent office, and YEAH, I RESERVED MY DREAM HOUSE!!!! ✌✌✌

Instead of calculate on how to cut down my expenses to pay the out-of-budget rental, I calculated on how to negotiate and get what I want with what I have. πŸ˜‰

I tell the owner: “I really love your house, if you rent it to me, I will take care of it 200% like I treat my own house. Please consider. _/\_”

I tell my agent: “This is the maximum I can afford. But I am very sincere. Please discount more ne. 😜 ”

He said it is difficult but he will try his best to answer my need. ✌

“I do not smoke, please cut down your cleaning fee charge.”

“So desu ne… Ok…”, he gave me a great discount. I was surprised! 😁

“Ah, I also don’t drink and I don’t cook oily food…”

“Souka ne…” Discount more! πŸ˜™

…. series of negotiations

Eventually, the agent gave me a total of 120,000 JPY (~ 4500 MYR) discount!!! The owner agreed on a long term low price rental, and promised to subsidize my bills until I graduate!!! 😊

It happens like a magic though I haven’t *turn off the light yet! 😜

Today I learnt that not smoking, not drinking and leading a healthy lifestyle are beneficial, not only from health aspect, it can get you discounts!!! 😊

Thanks to all the kind people I met and the invisible magics ( 😎 ), I got my dream house not only not exceeding my budget, but it is way under my budget!!!! Yeah!!!! Yeah!!!!! Yeah!!!!! <- dopamine and adrenaline overdose! πŸ˜‚


*Sorry, this is a joke that only Malaysian can understand. 😁


Oh, if you want to find out more, here is a blog you can refer about the blackout magic. 😜


Part 1: Oh, I found my Dream House!!! 😍


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